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Friday, November 25, 2005

RSA, Game 3, Thread 5

Next one, folks


  • lost cause...

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:27  

  • schumi - If AK's isn't in the scheme of things for 2005, then how are MK and AA? Anyway, my point was about bowlers as captains, and not specific to this case. Almost all teams prefer to have batsmen as captains, or even vice-captains. AK deserved the captaincy more than SG, but I doubt that AK would have been able to bulldoze the system in the manner that SG did. Interesting point, that about players who could pick him having retired. Totally agree with you that he would be just as effective today. I do think that there is someone greater in studying batsmen, though- SRT. :)

    By Blogger Jhaaru Sharma, at 09:27  

  • i wouldnt get murali on to replace RP when his spell his done. probably try something like sachin.

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 09:30  

  • yep...if these two premier swing bowlers can't make use of such helpful conditions..then ofcourse the horse is going to bolt...they infact opened the doors and welcome-d it out :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 09:31  

  • well here he is....

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:31  

  • they really should have guys right under the batsmen's noses

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 09:31  

  • Jharu, agree with you that all over the world batsmen are preferred to bowler for the top job and wonder what could be the fundamental reason for that. Except for the fact that fans like to see batsman scoring runs more than bowlers taking wickets. You are right on SRT too about studying batsmen. Only problem with SRT as skipper was that he was trying too many things too soon.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:32  

  • Prem's favorite RD scored 6 runs off 33 balls today .Does he imagine he is playing test cricket?He also failed to get into double figures against SA in last 2 innings.RD does not deserve a place in ODI team as a pure batsman any longer . This guy is also an embarassment as India captain when compared to Graeme Smith(50 runs off 54 balls).

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 09:33  

  • at this rate ... when v can c the likes of Kemp ?

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:33  

  • smith's in a hurry

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:35  

  • ---------------------------------
    Prem's favorite RD scored 6 runs off 33 balls today .Does he imagine he is playing test cricket?He also failed to get into double figures against SA in last 2 innings.RD does not deserve a place in ODI team as a pure batsman any longer . This guy is also an embarassment as India captain when compared to Graeme Smith(50 runs off 54 balls).
    yeah he should become an allrounder like ganguly.
    graeme smith truly is a role model for all captains are the world

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 09:36  

  • RD batted just like his "god" on the off-side has batted over the last two years! LOL

    By Blogger Bala, at 09:37  

  • southie : Every dog has its day and so do you

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:39  

  • the first real test for RD as captain...reaction when the chips are down....not good,i guess..guys watching...any updates??

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:39  

  • Graeme Smith scores towering six...really enjoying the exposure of RD as a captain under crunch situations..no matter what the dravidians hype here... RD should be dropped from WC 2007 scene altogether. SG could save RD's place a few years in WC 2003 by making him keep wickets. Now that option does not exist... 6 runs off 33 balls today ..ha ha

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 09:40  

  • these chips are down only the third time in a course of 10 matches.. for SG, they remained down almost all the time..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 09:41  

  • kartik hit for 6 runs..bhajji 10 runs...first hints of dew...crowd leaving ground...sums it up

    By Blogger Rakesh, at 09:41  

  • Time to bring Viru on

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:41  

  • well well well listening to all this flak about RD...

    a has been cricketer currently playing somewhere in the dust bowels of this country, must be really feeling sorry for RD, after all he's been there and been crucified for that.

    By Blogger achu, at 09:41  

  • still not sure wat do we gain by holding back spin so late....y not go for it early to see what happens

    By Blogger Rakesh, at 09:42  

  • smith in complete domination

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:42  

  • i thought dravid's captaincy in sri lanka when defending 200 or so a couple of times was admirable. here i think his only mistake was not taking agarkar off early. dont know how much it would have benefitted us though.
    not much one can do when all the 5 bowlers cant get a wicket.

    Test match field in place here, but really no pressure on the batsmen, it's batting practice.

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 09:42  

  • forget it, dravid will be a failure as captain. we were lucky to get a captain who could perform as captain inthe form of SG. I am not a bong or anything but I sincerely think it needs a lot to be captaining India. Dravid will fail , and by doing so we will loose a consistent poerformer for India.
    This chap SG is a winner, look at his performance in the Ranji match.
    All the best to RD and India, and hope this GC has some sense soon. Indias recent success with SL has been because of outstanding performances by MKD and IP, and not due to his coaching.

    By Blogger laxani, at 09:43  

  • cmon prem this is your blog, maybe you should bring some level of sanity and fairness to this RD bashing, or are you going to be fair and let RD catch the same treatment dear old SG got here for the last six months?

    interesting:) interesting;)

    By Blogger achu, at 09:43  

  • man am i laughing toney, ramshorns c'mon you guys... the "moron" SG suppporter is actually laughing on this site :)

    By Blogger achu, at 09:45  

  • nice to see all SG fans back.. Hope you stay here till the end of next match..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 09:45  

  • Dhruv,Wake up...Ganguly does have 93 wickets in ODI matches apart from 10000 runs ..He has twice claimed five- wickets in ODI and 20 centuries...if that is not defined as an allrounder ...less said the better..only you guys are severely biased..

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 09:45  

  • Guys : What are you talking, We just rolled over SL when they were said to be favouries and are on our way to losing our second match in three against SA. Knowing RD, he will come out with flying colors soon. Criticism will only make him stronger. Keep going till then..

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:46  

  • haha this RD bashing is laughable. and so typical. where the hell were you guys when we won the previous match? bloody fools

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 09:46  

  • southie : SG's all rounder tag was for the test matches as per KM and hence the eye brows are being raised.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:47  

  • achu: It's my blog, yes; people are free to air their views; I don't need to break a sweat each time they do. And I've spent enough time watching what goes on here to know that some people wait for conditions to favor their particular mindset, come in, rattle off posts in rapid succession -- and on another day, when their pet theories don't quite work out, vanishing from sight. *shrug* For instance, don't recall seeing too much of this stuff in the previous game. So why would I even need to worry? I like it on the main page, thanks.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 09:48  

  • I can challenge you guys, we will loose the series to SA. I can also challenge that SRT will fail in the next game, because he NEVER fires in important games (save a few like the world cup or in sharjah against kaspa and co.)

    By Blogger laxani, at 09:48  

  • TC we will definitely stay here till end of match..love to see RD and your ass kicked!

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 09:49  

  • well, if you use the logic of the more idiotic Ganguly fanatics, Dravid is now "India's most successful captain" (7-3) therefore he can never be replaced:)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:49  

  • there is an old pal there, thanks chappel;

    well what do you think, should we get SRT to sit back for a match just to see how it feels when you are dropped...hmmm...and would it help SRT to make a comeback to form? well lotsa of the cricketing gurus felt that way about SG. well it has worked for SG in the last three days. do you think it well help SRT before the SRi Lanka series?

    By Blogger achu, at 09:49  

  • these guys ranted just like this when we lost 5th match to Srilanka.. They became ferocious at Hyd.. not they are all out with the guns..

    but isnt it typical behavior of bitches.. even after they are shut down every other day..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 09:49  

  • southie-joker: How about this? You know my email ID. Send me a mail, giving me yours. If I don't see you around for the next game, I'll email you and invite you back in, how's that? *L* Or do you prefer coming on only when things are going against the team?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 09:50  

  • People have work to do other than sitting in their company table sending junk mails and writing blogs in this useless forum. PP think he is a boss, I just want to ask him, how much cricket has he played in his life?

    By Blogger laxani, at 09:50  

  • southie_joker.. well you are well and truely a traitor kind of joker..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 09:51  

  • OK, RD hardluck mate...
    Smith - great knock .. Congrats
    Lara - give us something more tommorow ?

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:51  

  • laxani : if you think this is an useless forum, get out.. and Dont ever come back..

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:52  

  • Schumi, the only reason SL was considered favorties was due to India's current bad form. Otherwise, at home they are both tigers against each other. Who knows if we go back to Lanka it could be the same reult against us?? Cannot really rule out that possibility??

    By Blogger arjunah, at 09:52  

  • laxani: I notice you have a lot of work to do, mate. BTW, who said I have to have played cricket to start a blog?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 09:53  

  • hey c'mon prem just needling you man. you are far ahead of this game to respond negatively to smalltime blogger and cricket fan like me. sorry but did not mean to catch your negative side man. and as far as not bloggin in the last two matches, the last time it rained and the time before that we had no net where i was. and to answer your accusation i have been consistent in my appriasal of the SG situation whether india was performing well or not. it's just that this sudden spurt of RD-bashing is very funny.

    sorry again boss.

    By Blogger achu, at 09:53  

  • Schumi- Dont confuse, this thread is on the current ODI and not on tests.Why SG is not there in ODI team as batting allrounder while JP Yadav still remains in team is a mystery..possibly it is an effort by GC and More to keep RD's place as India skipper safe...even if he does not perform..

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 09:53  

  • Ardrew Wall !

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:54  

  • you need to play cricket to be an expert for sure. you yourself understand that this blog is for people who dont have anything better to do ( including myself, who has some spare time).
    you still did not answer my question: how much cricket have you played in your life?

    By Blogger laxani, at 09:54  

  • Well said Prem..And coming from you...i'm sure i is a loaded statement applying to both pro and anti *whoever*.On the same note, do you have any views on Greg's animosity towards specific people...performance and extension of the hand of peace,notwithstanding

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:55  

  • Zaheer picked up 3 wickets for Baroda v/s Andhra.. would it have made more sense to pick him for the test match against the lankans?
    Ganguly seems in good form.. hope he can put in agood performance and keep his place for the 2nd test which will be @ Eden Gardens

    By Blogger Tiger, at 09:55  

  • i can also challenge that half of you pretend supporters will be nowhere to be seen if india win the next one. nice talking to you.

    Prem, I have a question: given the near impossible task of defending this total, do you think RD let Agarkar and Pathan bowl a couple of overs too many, by which time the pressure was off?

    A drop by Dravid there. haha let the onslaught begin. The great Calcutta crowd cheering it.

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 09:55  

  • Go on... make their day... RD... drop one more !

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 09:55  

  • yeah Lankans had Murli and Vass,, and SG fiegned injury just with the assumption that we will lose and he will come back banging.. not to be.. look.. he is BEGGING for a place.. and Calcuttan stooped so low that Arun Lal, a local had to say,"He hadnt seen so much grass in his lifetime in Calcutta pitch.."

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 09:55  

  • achu: Hullo? Your query as I recall was re the 'RD-bashing', my response was to that query. Didn't ask you your whereabouts; as to the needling, figured. Thing though is, still unsure why folk would imagine posting a lot of junk about someone or other would necessarily get under my skin. :-) The good bit about it is, after a full day of work and a full night of no sleep, it does provide amusement.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 09:55  

  • Dhruv, dont blame the calcutta crowd as rahul dravid himself mentioned he gets most of the fan mail from there. You need to keep your prejudices to yourself and not take it out on an entire city.

    By Blogger arjunah, at 09:57  

  • arjunah : The point is that beating some team 6-1 is no joke espescially with what was happening in the Indian Cricket scene at that time. That itself is a great achievement. Can you please recall any previous instances of we winning in such a convincing manner. Having said that this is just the third match with the momentum being lost due to the chennai washout. I am sure we will definitely do well when we go to SL next. In the process of team building there will be set back and off days, and there should not cause of undue worry unless a clear trend of losing or lack of motivation is being established.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 09:57  

  • and you would find small posts to a lot of side -issues like the clarke dropping which worma had put up i think, where i kept raising the SRT mid-on, mid-off issue. just that it is unfair one guy is held out and bashed and the other is revered when both are making the same kind of mistakes. tendulkar knows that even if he stays out of the team for a whole year becasue of injury he will be back. SG knew he could not afford that luxury. maybe in his own human way he tried to cover up injuies and tried to game on manly. maybe he loves the game too much like the rest of us that he just cannot give it a miss

    By Blogger achu, at 09:57  

  • dhruv: After the first four overs went for 30, it didn't really matter much. Actually they -- Irfan, in particular - pulled it back. AS for Agarkar, the last time I suggested that he is a touch erratic, I got buried under an avalanche of 'do you remember circa 1900, and what happened then?' type stats, you think I want to go there again? *L*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 09:57  

  • Excuse me..Thanks Chappell..you support the aussie Chappell( evident in your screen name) and you call me a traitor...ha ha

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 09:58  

  • Agarkar is making the most of his limited chances

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:00  

  • achu: Point here being? Especially on a day I suggested SRT needs to be rested?
    BTW, just so when I actually put up the post, you don't see connections that don't exist: ten days back, Worma asked me if I would comment on SRT. I said in blog that day, I would -- I needed to find a clipping I had saved, first. I finally found it today -- so, can, based on that, make the comment I want to make, in blog tomorrow. I can answer for what I think and say, not necessarily for what people on here say.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:00  

  • Schumi, sure i hope we will do well but until we do and can prove that we are consistent, I am willing to bet that we will remain inconsistent and brilliant once in a while. But, I do hope that brilliance shows up during wc2007 and we actually win this time and not get thrashed in the finals

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:00  

  • achu: just curious -- did I comment on the dropping of Michael Clarke? Really? Do look for the comment, and see if there indeed is one, and if there is, whether it was made by me, or one of my evil twins

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:01  

  • joker,
    well, Chappel has shown the way.. Havent lost a match on even playing field yet.. what else you expect.. I am for TEAM INDIA.. you bunch of the pigs(who are all raving about SG", are all estatic when we lost a match purely because the Bengali curator happen to be one of you.. so what.. Not all matches are going to be played in Calcutta..

    and I am sure the wichet will be bald and flat when we play a test here.. if SG is in the team specially..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:01  

  • In a years time dravid will struggle to find a place in this side full of fitter and more all round cricketers. SG is gone already. But dont forget, RD is still playing ODI s cos SG made him WK and saved his place. If he is not doing anything other that batting, he doesnt need to be in a team. I am sure we have better young talents to take his spot.
    If SRT plays like this, we need to drop him too, for a game or two.
    New team under VS without SRT, RD, SG.

    By Blogger laxani, at 10:02  

  • Save Sachin for the Test ! but he himself would insist on playing in his home ground ?

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:02  

  • ravi: no more than I have on the animosity of certain people towards Greg Chappell, the hand of peace notwithstanding. I have kept well away from that sort of personality stuff, and see no reason to change now

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:03  

  • Prem..why do people take it out n indvidual players...RD has been doing well...One off day and the swords are out.Why bring in RD and SG into this slanging match?When will our people grow up?? Do u regret the day u decided to
    have this blog ??

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 10:03  

  • Prem: You used to say a good time to judge Rahul will be when we are actually in trouble. How do you think he has done today or do you think we batted too badly for Dravid to try anything at all??

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:03  

  • We are like that only !

    Commitment to Excellence remember !!

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:04  

  • RD brings in Agarkar for an early finish

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:05  

  • arjunah: I reckon he did fair today (I'd want someone to point out to him that his slip catching has of late been abysmal; he needs to put someone else there); nothing outstanding, and no obvious errors either. I remember posting, my last post of the Indian innings, that India needed an outstanding series of opening overs. Absent that, I doubt there is anything mike brearely would have done here. I do think, though, that in the batting, he and the entire top order messed up.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:06  

  • Graeme Smith is making India grovel...such a horrible performance from India in 2 out of 3 matches..GC is clueless with his experiments ...RD is a strokeless wonder......wonder what is awaiting us in Pak...5-0 whipping......ha ha

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:06  

  • Now I wonder whether it was the resurgent Indians or a pathetic display by the Lankans that did SL in.

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:06  

  • Dravid's captaincy have been superb.. its the distraction.. the Calcuttan who are trying to fuck Team India just because one asshole who didnt deliver for two full years ..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:06  

  • Thanks Chappel are you serious or you are just plain ganguly and or bengali hater?? Do you think 100,000 people have showed up even after some useless protests to come and see India lose? If your point is just to hate ganguly just go do that. Why take it upon others??

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:06  

  • this is shameful performance by India today. Well I have work to do, I am off.
    Lomg live Team India.
    Remember, if GC was a man of morale, I would have supported him. He would have never gone against SG if there was no ego clash.
    Look how he is supporting SRT. As a matter of fact, SG is not a significantly worse player than SRT in ODIs.
    Bye guys, hope India plays well next match and draws the series.
    I wont be back here because I have jobs to do.

    By Blogger laxani, at 10:07  

  • v heard the guy is good batsman... but this is simply superb...

    Noball to rescue

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:07  

  • Arjnah..i would say a combination of events...low score,AA not bowling well and more important as Prem mentioned...ghosts in the head abt the pitch

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 10:07  

  • ravi: No, why? If I did, I would have stopped; costs me nothing. People are people -- some will comment on the game, some will mostly listen or read and only chip in when they have something they really want to say, others will ventilate their prejudices -- none of this is reason for regret, unless I am missing something here

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:07  

  • In the meantime India may lose by 10 wickets. Let us try to get some pride back team india

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:07  

  • mis-timed drv,

    LOL, this vision thing is getting real blurry!

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:07  

  • laxani : SG did not save RD by asking him to keep wickets. No body does favours to anybody mate. It's just that we dont have people of RDs calibre when playing top teams more so when you lose early wickets. RD was the top indian batsman in 1999 WC on seaming wickets in england. As I recall, you said you have better things to do and this is an useless forum. Why continue to post.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:07  

  • they just cheered when outr bats got out.. and what about the pitch man.. was he on dope?

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:08  

  • TC..Mind your language..you motherfucker...what happened to India in Hyderabad

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:08  

  • dear southie: your email id, please? pretty please? :-)

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:08  

  • Greame Smith is superb! No doubt about that

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:10  

  • cart him everywhere.... cart him to mumbai ... pathetic over comes to miserable end...

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:10  

  • We have seen plenty of ODIs.. where win the toss, win the match hapens.. however Ganguly could lose even after team posted 316.. where he came to bat when we were 200 in 30 overs at the loss of 2 wickets.. ou know what he does to push his avgs(so that you guys can bring his stats here), he scores 17 of 35 balls..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:10  

  • @ Schumi: Just for the info: last time India won so many games in a row and pretty convincingly at that was in WC 2003 (there were couple of games against Namibia and Kenya in that mix though).

    @ some commenters re: behaviour of Kolkata crowd (I think someone mentioned that they cheered during Dravid's dismissal)...I did not watch the game on TV so I do not know what exactly happened - but didn;t the Bangalore crowd boo Ganguly and cheer when he was dismissed ? Not that I condone either behaviour or a tit-for-tat crowd response. Support of the crowd is an essential part of the home field advantage - especially at Edens with its hundreds of thousands of screaming fans can really put some players off-balance. But the Kolkata crowd is support is really double-edged - they get upset very easily with poor performance and don't stop themselves from expressing the displeasure !

    By Blogger DeadCenter, at 10:10  

  • thanks chappel: that is just an utter load of crap and dont generalize. also, very easy to blame this on the pitch. we batted very poorly. plain and simple. next match if we bat and bowl well again we should have a good chance to win. oh, let us not forget winning the toss. that makes a difference in india in day/night matches

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:11  

  • i guess one should be politically correct when dealing with the baiters on this forum.
    I rephrase.
    Poor show by the crowd in the Eden Gardens Stadium, in Calcutta, w/ regard to their cheering Dravid's drop and dismissal. Needless to say, that would have hurt the Indian captain.

    schumi, you said something key. Unless we have an established pattern of losses, there is no cause to bitch and moan, ask for the heads of SRT, RD and the like. the team is gelling and playing hard cricket. let's get behind them even though this game is over. There's a series to be saved.

    Why I dont think SRT should be dropped is because he doesnt have that lackadaisical air about his art. I think he was really a pioneer in terms of his professionalism and honesty to his job, in terms of the Indian team. He is not the type to be in denial of a problem either. He will solve it, and make the next inning count all the more. Dropping him is not going to motivate him to put in a better effort.

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 10:11  

  • Prem : It is time that you seriously consider filtering out contents before they are posted on this blog. Sad jokes like southie are having a field day amongst a decent crowd

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:11  

  • wow this is worse than i expected..smith single handedly takin em thru..how u like them apples folks..nyways i think rd, srt are endangered species..one day cricket is getting closer to twenty twenty..no subsitute for power youth and quickness

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 10:11  

  • next match we will win.. you wait and watch.. Bombaietes are not traitors..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:12  

  • Southie: What is up with your language man??

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:13  

  • schumi: with due respect, pal, I have a day job. Imagine sitting put in here, filtering out everyone with a bee in what passes for his bonnet. Geez, I'd much rather, as Ravi indirectly suggested, shut this down -- any time I feel the need to talk of the game, I can always go out for a beer with the guys. *L*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:13  

  • it has been "win the toss win the game" so far.. so traitors, dont go overboard just yet..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:13  

  • yup.... bring on mumbai

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:13  

  • Prem: why do you need to stoop to the level of the trolls and trying to bait them as you are doing here. Anyone who wants a rational discussion knows who these people are and can easily ignore them. Please be the honorable person.

    By Blogger DeadCenter, at 10:14  

  • Prem...maybe not..I guess you do not read all the posts...so u really may miss on some stuff that is written out here.U must have just got a flavor of stuff that people like Southie and Thanks chappel dish out.It is disgusting and does not augur well for the success of this blo.I mentioned in one of the earlier posts..it is getting to be like one of those trashy chat rooms...u need to do something ..serious and fast...I have no clue what

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 10:14  

  • deadcenter: Not much left in the game to comment on, friend. *L* Besides, I wasn't baiting -- merely asking a regular for his email ID!

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:14  

  • Dhruv : Agree with you on SRT. SRT will drop himself before anybody does if he knows that he is no longer able to do the job. My only wish is that the team doesnt get demotivated with this loss. Its upto guys like RD and SRT to keep the flock together. It just one of those off days.... hope so.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:15  

  • Prem,

    any comment on the calcutta crowd? Did they heed to Kapil's advice of supporting India first? Now only if Kapil had followed his own advices and did not trade Indian pride for money!!

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:15  

  • This is as bad as it gets - on top of it, people come here and say nasty things. Good timing guys - can't wait for better occasion .

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:15  

  • ravi: I have neither the time, nor inclination, to play policeman. I figured I was dealing with adults. The day I decide otherwise, I'll shut down and move on -- not a problem; that is precisely why I have kept this on a non-Rediff platform, no pressure on me to keep this going.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:16  

  • Prem...Please keep Thanks chappell within limits as he uses bad language consistently. Otherwise I have no option but to pay TC back in equally harsh terms...

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:16  

  • 5th ODI ton.... day of leftie batsman, most commonly total domination.

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:16  

  • what about some fighting spirit and sense of occasion.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:16  

  • Thanks Chappel hating our own players as well as countrymen is bigger example of being a traitor. So, I wouldn't talk too much if I were you.

    Not supporting other guys that posted against you but just my opinion.

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:17  

  • joker, stay put.. we will see you disappear in next match..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:17  

  • When will Murli be dropped??

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:17  

  • bouncer: Others have made the comment, boss -- their jeering of the Indian captain was in bad taste; as was the Bangalore crowd booing Ganguly earlier. If the country, as a concept, is so fragile as to crumble in the face of a personal favorite, it merely confirms what many have discovered down the centuries -- that our 'unity' is not even skin deep.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:18  

  • Prem : I didnt mean to say that you manually filter each entry. Atleast some software can be used to filter some key words and block those posts (Like yahoo spam filter).

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:18  

  • southie: it is no part of my brief to teach anyone manners; since you chose to respond with your own brand of poetry, I must say this 'appeal to reason' comes too late to impress me

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:19  

  • schumi: that would be possible if this were a rediff platform and we could fool around with the back end. this though is blogger, not in my control.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:20  

  • prem,
    we are just the fans who dont matter outside this board.. but obviously the traitors do.. the bengalis who made this pitch and the Nagpurians, the other day..

    I havent seen a dustbowl anywhere in the world.. anywhere.. everyone make sure we get the worst.. remember what we go in NZ.. or England.. or SA.. everywhere..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:20  

  • Prem:
    I feel this should be de-moralising. More than the defeat the way TEAM INDIA is getting exposed here. Let us hope this is an off day at the the office. I personally feel this tinkering with the lineup is not the way to go. All the successful ODI teams say an Australia, or an SA off late do not do this. I think the likes of Pathan should never open what ever be the circumstances. Unless I am missing something here I do not get the rationale behind these moves.

    Your thoughts?????

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 10:20  

  • Superb, totally superb knock by Smith. Good to see the crowd stand to him -- he backed himself and, unorthodox or no, he delivered on the day.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:21  

  • guys stop with your holier than thou tude..don't try to shut down the last bastion of free speech however irreverent the comments..

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 10:21  

  • wow, crowd really applauding smith's effort.

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 10:21  

  • This blog is a reflection of larger society to certain extent. There will always be good people and some nasty ones who deserve to be in jail. Ignore the noise and enjoy the good things.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:22  

  • TC,

    I thought Kolkata crowd was very sporting and supported Team India all along. Everyone on the commentary box is agrreing with me o that. Few of them cheering/Booing Rahul's dismissal (I did not hear that, taking you post as Gospel truth, may be I should not) is expected since he got out at a very crucial time and did not play a captain's innings.

    Rememebr SG being booed by Bangalore crowd? Would you call them traitors too?

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:22  

  • atleast HS put in a decent spell

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:22  

  • Prem : Thanks. Guess we have to live with it. Hoping that the day for shutting down this blog will not come.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:22  

  • Okay guys..plain and simple...It has not been India's day today...But, this is not the end of the road...Monday will be a better day....And while i do miss SG..not at the cost of wanting India to perform badly.The day we leave personal bias and ego behind and get into this blog.it will be a great place to be in.Good night guys and Prem...have a great weekend.Ciao

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 10:23  

  • Good Morning Guys,

    Just woke up! As a doomsdayist, I am reminded of the line of dialogue from Apocalypse Now!: "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:23  

  • This defeat must be demoralizing no matter what. A different pitch and everyone crumbles. I don't think it is a bad in the office - it just happened at Hyderabad. This is the problem facing better opposition. (SL , no matter what the ranking says is a poor side)

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:24  

  • well Eden Garden has had its HIGHS and lows....

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:24  

  • I agree with Prem entirely ..our national'unity' is not even skin deep...how else can Indians talk such trash about SG so soon ..even Inzamam and Arjuna were surprised at how indians forgot his contributions so soon... after all he built current Team India without any parochial interests...Irfan,Dhoni,Yuvraj,Sehwag were all discovered by SG... that is a fact.

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:24  

  • @ dhruv
    Unless we have an established pattern of losses, there is no cause to bitch and moan, ask for the heads of SRT, RD and the like.

    While I certainly dont agree on calling for the heads of SRT, RD or anyone else in the present team (nor am I calling for the sudden recall of certain 'allrounders ;-)), our top order in two of the three games have struggled against the SAF pace (in the Bangalore game, they weren't under too much pressure chasing a low total and even there Sachin failed). Also, our frontline pace bowlers are not doing that well. These are causes for some concern. Nothing drastic mind you - bnut some tweakings need to be done. It is a good challenge for the RD-GC duo to figure out. Hopefully they will succeed.

    (Also re: you comment on the crowd see my previous comment)

    By Blogger DeadCenter, at 10:24  

  • TC: To each, his own; why sweat it, pal? That's the thing -- whether deliberate, or one of those things, I dont see where name calling is going to make anything better.

    ramshorns: I think asking Pathan to open today had a point; that it didn't work on the day doesn't really negate the underlying theory. That's the thing with being flexible -- you have to bargain for days when it will go wrong, too. Today, it did -- but if you watch how Polly bowls to Gambir, for instance, you notice his line is not as immaculate to the lefties; was interesting to see how he would go when confronted by two of them.

    As for morale and all the rest of it, that is what they asked after Hyderabad. Then came Bangalore. I like that this team doesn't stay in the dumps; any team will go there, once in a while, don't forget SA did in the last game.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:24  

  • i wouldnt call the crowd traitors. i just think it is a low blow, and demoralizing for the team as a whole to see their own home crowd cheer the dismissal of their captain.
    same stands for bangalore obviously

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 10:24  

  • bouncer, per you SG has never done a wrong.. neither a bengali can do any wrong ever.. you just need facts.. on these issues always.. just like you need facts on SG bitching out of Nagpur game.. and but no facts needed on the fact whether GC really talked against SG in last meeting.. after all where is your fact check.. were you in the meeting or any media man!

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:24  

  • oldmanblues...white phosphorous is more politicaly correct these days!

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 10:25  

  • Sending Irfan Pathan to open when you have 5 other specialist batsmen showed lack of confidence playing on this pitch.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:25  

  • Prem,

    I did not see country crumbling at the altar of personal favorites. You will get those types everywhere and they are few. You are over-reacting boss!

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:25  

  • prem:
    on a entirely different topic. What do you think of Lara's effort. Granted he is batting in a lost cause series. But everytime you think he is done or is on his last legs he proves you wrong. If not the 200+ in a day against arguably the fatest bowler today along with the best 1-2 punch in history of the game. On top of that he makes it look like child's play to get these big 100's. This is one mean son of a gun with the bat.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 10:26  

  • Bouncer wrote: Rememebr SG being booed by Bangalore crowd? Would you call them traitors too?

    Bouncer, do not expect a response to that one... this is a blog of the converted... people have selective comprehensibility... ask Prem, the oracle...

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:26  

  • bouncer: the booing in Bangalore was not a "few" people. Nor was the booing here today -- it was on both occasions by large segments of the public, and that imho sucks.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:27  

  • TC,

    There you go again, off the topic and rambling on and on......You dodged my question... as usual

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:27  

  • yac: bull's eye mate ....bull's eye

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:28  

  • guys watching live video. Can you please post a transcript of the post match ceremony...

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:28  

  • yacrik: right, so let's all get back to the good old, time honored, tried and tested days of nailing down a player for each spot, and sticking to it come hell or high water.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:29  

  • a high score to boot....

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:29  

  • Prem..I dont care to impress you as you are equally biased..but I will not use bad language like TC....that is not my style..I just wanted TC to get a dose of his own medicine ...he keeps slandering others opposing him without any cricketing merit whatsoever.

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:29  

  • Prem:
    But see in Hyd we came back after being 39-5 and made a game of it. Here it is a different story. We are literally getting mauled. It will play a little bit on the psyche, I think. If we come back and win in Bombay it should be wonderful. Let's hope so.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 10:30  

  • ohh yeah joker, go up and read you posts.. and say what dont forget a past few blogs..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 10:30  

  • Prem, may be booing both in bangalore and kolkatta was due to just bad performance?? The crowd can be allowed that? How did you determine it was a large section of the crowd??

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:30  

  • prem,

    Rest assured, in times of real challenge facing the country, all these people (Bangalore, KLolkata, Nagpur) will pull together! Take it easy. It is just a cricket match!

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:31  

  • ramshorns : I am sure SRT will fire in Bombay. I think India lost it in the mind when they lost Yuvi and Kaif in quick sucession around overs 35-40.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:31  

  • ramshorns: Exactly what I once posted in here, when the discussion of batting came up. Of all the batsmen in the world, and that includes SRT, there is no player I would rather watch, when in flow, than Lara. It is like watching a guy do the tap dance on a high wire above Niagara Falls -- spectacular, breathtaking, and not for the faint-hearted. Has to be the most thrilling spectacle in world cricket -- and when the curtain goes up, you try and push out of your mind the failures in between, the open comments from colleague after colleague of his selfishness and all else. I reckon, what the hell, I dont have to marry the bloke, just watch him when he is dancing

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:31  

  • prem: Pathan's promotion really didn't make sense... had he pulled it off today would it make more conventional sense ?.... if the idea was to surprise them... they didn't look like they didn't have a plan...?

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:32  

  • I have to agree to yacrik - sending Pathan in to open was not a very confident move - experimentation or not. If we wanted two lefties to open, then why not Yuvraj, who is a specialist batsman and supposedly very good against pace ?

    By Blogger DeadCenter, at 10:32  

  • Prem: Ditto on that one about Lara

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:33  

  • rams: True, here they didn't come back; but I think, from whatever I can figure of how this lot thinks, they will give the wicket the credit due to it, and reckon it's not going to happen every day, so it's a touch early for the sackcloth and ashes.

    bouncer: of course. I never doubted that. I have lived in Mumbai 16 years, I have seen people who, a moment ago, were trying to kill each other come together at the first sign of a flood, or a bomb, or whatever.

    But that still does not stop me from wishing we could be that way, if not all the time, at least a good bit of the time. If we were, there would be no stopping us... in anything we chose to do.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:34  

  • bouncer, forget TC, he/it is an automaton that has only one setting ... to spew filth ... But the rest is no better... The Grand Panjadrum of this blog, for example, has shed his veneer of respectable neutrality, and over the last few days exposed his bias quite clearly... [good for his health, mind you!] ... something that we, who have not in general been making premature celebrations [or denouncements], have known about all along...

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:35  

  • Lara was spectacular today !!! no doubt that... Aussies watchout tommorow .... *fingers crossed* he gets some support !!! :)

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:36  

  • A majotr thrashing! Hopefully India will regroup and bounce back in Mumbai. Any positive takeway from this? Yes, a little humbling experience for GC and his cronies in the media will help see things a little more clearly. This fantastic team chemistry looks like a weak hydrogen-bond deep

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:36  

  • mistimed: Pathan clicked, most times he batted at three. Suddenly, one failure at number one and we begin to tear our hair? As to the SA plan, or lack of it, I really don't know. I very much doubt the manner of his dismissal was part of a plan, though -- you can't plan to keep a batsman from moving his front foot. :-)

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:36  

  • look, i think the logic of opening with pathan today was that we got bogged down in bangalore, and dravid/chappell wanted a less stressful start. it could have worked, but it didnt.
    That didnt decide the match. Gambhir, SRT, Dravid and all failed too. Sehwag imho was a real culprit, got carried away. I was hoping batting at #4 would force some responsibility upon him, but that didn't happen today.

    The philosophy behind the flexible order is good-we have a fair idea of what roles Dhoni,Yuvraj,Kaif,Pathan and Dravid are suited to.

    I think we need a good look at how to go about batting first, when the pitch is responsive to the quicks. Other than that, just a bad day at the office. It's ODI cricket, and we've had a good run so far. Let's see what happens at Mumbai

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 10:36  

  • Prem,
    I agree with you that policing a blog is neither feasible nor desirable.But i guess a few basic restrictions such as on User Names would probably ensure that things stay above a certain level.After all,disagreements are ok but what saw in the othr blog is pretty dirty...on both sides.And for God's sake,don't be partial to one or two when u ask for Mail Id's...there r quite a few who should receive the honours,actually...;)

    By Blogger mpb, at 10:37  

  • Prem: I don't think Yacrik mentioned anythin about not continuing with experimentation - so why all that sarcasm ? As I already mentioned (and some other people seem to agree as well) - experimentation is good and in the end you do have to balance it with stability, confidence and cricketing sense. Of course, from the cricket perspective, we are probably not as wise as you......

    By Blogger DeadCenter, at 10:38  

  • a few basic restrictions : ideally self-imposed

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:38  

  • guys watching live as requested earlier, pl. post a transcript of the post match happenings

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:40  

  • dhruv,

    may be not tamper with the opening pair unless really needed for the surprise effect? the srt/vs combo is good anywhere in the world and i dont see that needing to be tinkered with unless you are dropping one of them. of course, gambhir's inclusion permanently may change that by dropping srt to #3 once in a while

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:40  

  • precisely... whatever surprise element we might have had in having flexible batting order.... seemed nullyfied.. in view of the pitch...

    such times we cd have played more conventionally.

    By Blogger mis-timed Drv, at 10:41  

  • that's it.it is all over! 10 wicket-victory!

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:42  

  • Prem,
    What's your comment on the way opening order has been failing in this series. Three is a good number.

    Hyd - 5/35
    Bang - 2/52
    Kol - 5/71

    By Blogger SS, at 10:42  

  • Question for everyone:

    Should the 'talismanic' Murali Karthik go back to his 'bibhuti'-smeared-forehead-days, or the mohawk-with purple-highlight-choker-one earring-dark glasses days to bring him good luck [and Dravid]?

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:43  

  • first time at home beaten by 10 wickets wow!

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 10:43  

  • I think its good have SRT and RD, change postions a bit... SRT at 3 and RD at 5 with YS at 4.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:43  

  • no issue with some experimentation but how many teams fool around with a batting order as much as Chappel does in a short period?

    If Dhony seemed right at 3 then why not give it a bit more try?

    The series India aspired to win by a margin of 4-1, then perhaps 3-2 or 3-1, now at best we may be 2-2. This diaappointment does show in bloggers and their comments and at times in choice words.

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 10:43  

  • a real drubbing. should we come back from this in Mumbai, against such quality opposition, I will be extremely impressed. That would show me some real spunk in this Indian outfit.

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 10:44  

  • I don't think one loss is a big deal. However the manner ..10 wickets and all..is a bit deflating for our ego.

    By Blogger SS, at 10:44  

  • mpb: You mean I ask for names, and everyone will politely give it? This, on a blog where folks think it is clever to post in my name? Dont think so, friend.

    deadcenter: Oh geez, what, I hit some nerve without intending to? It was not so much sarcasm, as a counter comment; the post seemed to me to shut the door on what is more flexibility than experimentation, so I posited the alternative.

    In any case, hey, where is the harm in a touch of sarcasm? Come on -- I haven't ever been impolite to anyone...


    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:44  

  • The commentator said that it is the first time, India beaten @home by ten wickets in an ODI

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:44  

  • Actaully I was one of those who predicted a 4-1 win as SA is without Gibbs/Dippenear/Boje. HYD match was a surprise.

    By Blogger SS, at 10:45  

  • Cricktip it could be 3-1 against us!!

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:46  

  • Prem,

    True at such an early stage for Pathan..
    you can't plan to keep a batsman from moving his front foot. :-)

    but the team as game progress, certainly can plan to bat 50 overs. Would have added few more and probably the te penalty for the slow over rate.

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 10:46  

  • Prem,
    What's your comment on the way opening order has been failing in this series. Three is a good number.

    Hyd - 5/35
    Bang - 2/52
    Kol - 5/71

    By Blogger SS, at 10:46  

  • miracles don't happen daily. neither are SA suckers like SL that they can be put to the sword to inflate GC's ego and 'prove' his point about 'total cricket', vision 2007' and other bs...

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:46  

  • ss: My comment, made after game 1, was that VS could do with a move down the order. Another comment, made during the first innings today, wsa that SRT could benefit from being rested. You needed more comment?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:46  

  • criktip: totally with you on that, in fact tht is what I posted at the time. that it was criminal to waste 25 deliveries

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:47  

  • It is quite an amazing innings by Smith btw: I never thought of him to be a great ODI player. But, cleary he has outdone himself

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:47  

  • One interesting sidebar : Only Bajji has an economy rate less than the asking rate.

    By Blogger SS, at 10:48  

  • And now I need to get back to what they pay me a salary for, folks -- you guys have a great weekend, see you around later.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:48  

  • If you notice there have been a number of instances where catches have been dropped (or came close) by RD at slip. Eventhough I would like to believe its nothing to do with captaincy, the number of occurrences have been increasing. RD used to take some great catches at slip.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:48  

  • Kartik and Agarkar should be replaced in the next game. SRT and VS should be back at the top of the order and India should attack from the start. The only way we can win is by surprising the SA's with aggression.

    By Blogger inside_story, at 10:49  

  • HA HA HA...10 wicket loss for India thanks to Chappell and his experiments...we Indians love to put such fraud people on a pedestal..

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:49  

  • Prem,
    VS has moved down..so that has been achieved.

    SRT taking rest? Let's wait for GC on that ( I dno't think RD matters here). Let's stay tuned.

    Do you think we should really experiment this much with the opening pair?

    By Blogger SS, at 10:50  

  • To ss [about ur economy rates post]: what do you think happened to the talent pool that GC and RD seemed to have unearthed and groomed?

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:50  

  • oldman,

    If we brought in someone now who would spoil the team chemistry, could we still loose by wider margin? :-)

    No, let's not go there

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:51  

  • @southie,

    More than chappel's loss it is loss for our pride man. Why don't you understand that? GC will go away after 2 yers, but 10 wkt ODI loss will remain with us. That's notinh to laught about.

    By Blogger SS, at 10:51  

  • Let us have a bet that Dravid and other indians may be booed for a thoroughly bad performance and our anti SG and bengali hater fellow countrymen like TC and others will take it out against the entire stadium and the state of bengal.

    LOL :) :)

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:52  

  • ss: You pointed out that the opening hasn't been too good, for a while now. If you don't at this point in time unearth three, four options, aren't you letting yourself in for a situation where, closer to the WC, the opening deteriorates further, and you neither have options, nor the time to experiment and find them?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:52  

  • righto, folks, adios for now. *gone*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 10:53  

  • Bouncer, how can you be so unpatriotic? You must be a bengali?

    By Blogger oldmanblues, at 10:53  

  • Prem: Irfan pathan cannot really be an opening option mate..so much for that experimentation

    By Blogger arjunah, at 10:55  

  • @OMB,
    I am curious too. IP was close to asking rate though.

    AA is a real danger. He is always very unpredictable.

    I was really surprised with Murali. What the heck happened there?

    To be fair, GC/RD brought in only RP. Everything else is same old same old. But I see your point. If it is the same old same old...then why the BS about new order?

    Let's hhope the next match should be good.

    By Blogger SS, at 10:55  

  • Apart the batting the bowling was also a let down today. Agreed 187 is small but should we not have got atleast 3 wickets for that number.

    By Blogger Schumi, at 10:55  

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