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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

S Rajesh on experimentation

Thomas Alva Edison -- this from the realm of apocrypha -- famously tried 1000 materials, maybe more, before settling on the perfect filament for his light bulb. Is that to be seen as 1000 failures -- or one success that validates all that went before? On Cricinfo, Rajesh argues the point:
Rudra Pratap Singh's superb performance at Rajkot was the perfect vindication of this policy. Brought into the team for the Ahmedabad match, he struggled - as did most of the other bowlers - to come to grips with difficult bowling conditions. But the opportunity to bowl at the Sri Lankan batsmen in a match situation proved invaluable today, when Ajit Agarkar was a last-minute casualty due to illness. Coming in as the first change after S Sreesanth had sprayed it around, RP Singh settled into a rhythm and a perfect line and length from the outset, nailing the fluent Upul Tharanga with a beauty which pitched on a length just outside off and lifted, inducing an edge - in fact, his first over was a wicket-maiden. It's not outrageous to assume that the Ahmedabad experience helped RP Singh settle in quicker than he might have had this been his first game of the series.
Apart from ensuring that a fringe player is match-ready, the rotation policy also ensures that the team has something to gain - apart from seeking a win - from every match. Today, it found just how well RP Singh could cope with a potentially explosive batting line-up on a placid pitch. This policy has also allowed Sreesanth to be given a fair run, and while he didn't enjoy as much success, he too showed the kind of flexibility that has been the mantra for this Indian team, readily changing from over to round the wicket when one line of attack wasn't working. That change of line brought him his only wicket too.

Your call.


  • Absolutely ! you have to fail to succeed. We have to expect some of the new boys to struggle initially to cope with international cricket. We might fail but it will help us in the long run. We now a nice stable of pacers - SS, RPS, VRV to go along with AA,ZK,AN & LB. I think it is absolutely imperative to have a decent pace attack to win outside of sub continent.

    By Blogger Go Dawgs!, at 12:26  

  • There is a subtle but crucial point that can easily be overlooked here. One often encounters failure en route success, and this is especially true with experimentation. However, the failure is a by-product of a failed experiment which provided future direction, and not a guarantor of success.

    To view this with examples, consider this: it is not like we have never blooded youngsters before. Sometimes they have failed & faded away, but at other times they have succeeded & prospered (Yuvraj's debut at the ICC trophy). There has simply never been a method to the madness before, adn experimentation was never cetrain to lead to success. This series has been quite different.

    I think that the recent success with experimentation, if we can jump to conclusions already, is that the Chappell-Dravid combine has introduced a method to this experimentation, along with the necessary building blocks (no random axing of players, extended runs, a pre-blooding exposure like Piyush Chawla had at the Rajkot nets...).

    I suspect though that the critical factor to the team's recent success has been an air of certainty, purpose and cohesiveness in the dressing room. We saw this at the start of Ganguly's tenure, did not see this in the recent Indian Oil cup & certainly did not see it after Ganguly's return to the helm in Zimbabwe. Although I'm sad to say it, maybe it was best that Ganguly had to step aside, even if it is only for a little while.

    By Blogger Jeetu, at 13:04  

  • Thomas Edison's filament for the light bulb lasted. The experiment will be successful if RP Singh continues to perform in the long run. Must say though, I really like what I've seen so far.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 13:45  

  • You know what is impressive even more about India's experimentation is that no other team in the world is doing it with the extent and success that India is. I mean before this series, there was a certain desperate air, many felt only a handful of players could play in the big leagues. But now, geez, we have a over abundance of talent. Another thing if you notice, is the flexibility of the selectors with Chappell and Dravid. People are moving in and moving out quickly. How wonderful is it when team management concentrates on winning. Lovely.

    Please, please continue. Let us find the best players for the team. Then give them enough time to prepare for the world cup.

    By Blogger ahem, at 16:03  

  • What I feel is that there are no favorite boys now. All are getting similar treatment and every one knows that he has a chance even if he is on the bench. The 16 players who get selected are all performing thats the greatest gain from this tour.
    If the board also gives a proper contract to all 20 the players. It should boost their confidence.

    By Blogger Deepak Anekal, at 04:35  

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