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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

SA first 10 overs

Defending 250 on a track where the ball will likely keep low as the ball gets softer, India needed a good first ten overs. That would then have brought Bajji into play. What it got was the reverse -- and one stat underlines it. Of the first 30 legit deliveries bowled, 21 were dot balls -- and yet, at the end of the first five overs, SA had made 32/1.
Pathan, who started with a sequence of lovely outswingers to the left handed Smith, seemed to lose his line when Smith started his dead-man-walking shuffle across the stumps (calling that a shuffle is a bit like calling the Dandi March a morning walk, but never mind that). After three great deliveries, Pathan nailed Smith with a ball on the stumps, but the umpire thought otherwise (later on, umpiring gifted India de Villiers' wicket). Agarkar mostly held the right line, but with runs bleeding at one end, SA has gotten into too good a position, too early in the game -- and this, despite the fact that barring a straight drive and a couple of outstanding cover drives, the batting hasn't really been anything for a connoisseur to shout about.
India has made its task more difficult with this opening spell -- to pull this one back is going to take much discipline. Surprisingly, Dravid in this game has opted for conventional captaincy, without any overtly aggressive moves (you could argue that his bowlers haven't given him a chance to attack, but the converse is equally true). Another notable feature thus far has been the electric running of the South Africans -- time and again, they tend to turn singles into twos, and that is bleeding India as well.


  • three wickets dude! two for agarkar and one for rp singh. can India do something now???

    By Blogger Rishi Gajria, at 03:49  

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