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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Same wine, different bottle

If you needed indications that the state associations are microcosms of the parent body, here is a story on the upheavels within the DDCA.


  • Gulu got a lot of things fatually incorrect. Irfan's father is not a maulavi; in fact, their family was one of many supported by the mosque. Islam encourages the wealthy to support the needy families, and Irfan's family was one such family. They actually grew up cleaning and sweeping the mosque complex.

    Even now, Irfan has not bought a mansion, as reported. He has bought a flat for his family and a car for himself which he's learning to drive. His father continued to live in the mosque till he was asked to leave earlier this year by the maulavis; after his son got a stint with Middlesex.

    Irfan is probably the classic Cinderella story of Indian cricket. Its a shame to give a factually incorrect picture about him; for he can actually become a role model for the Indian youth. Not only cricketers, but people in every walk of life.

    Bringing in examples from Ghaziabad is actually extending the story a little too much. Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon are Delhi's extensions and as such not really far-off, remote or non-traditional centers. As is Nazafgarh (Sehwag's home).

    Overall, a badly written piece; but the subject is alright. We are getting to see a number of players
    from non-traditional places these days.

    By Blogger Santanu De, at 05:27  

  • Sorry, wrong thread.

    By Blogger Santanu De, at 05:28  

  • Ganguly gets a pair of 'ducks'

    where are the 100s? he he:))
    Ganguly must retire
    1st innings
    *SC Ganguly b Khan 0 12 7 0 0

    2nd innings
    *SC Ganguly lbw b Khan 0 2 1 0 0

    By Blogger Kiran R, at 03:47  

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