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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shameless self-promotion

About 12 hours ago, Worma in an email wondered whether the polite soundbytes re Jaggu Dalmiya's place in the new dispensation was just that -- polite soundbytes. My take at the time was
Don't forget that for 21 years, JD has been running the company. You cannot take it over one day, and expect to know where the minefields are; my guess, based mainly on knowing how Bindra and Modi in particular operate, would be that they will keep Dalmiya involved till they fully have the reins in their hands, then they will slowly marginalize him.

Now, in the Telegraph, I find this story, of Sharad Pawar seeking out Dalmiya for a meeting, before leaving Kolkatta.
“There are various issues, both at home and abroad, which involve litigation. If not properly handled, this could prove to be a liability to the Board,” Pawar said.
“Nobody except Dalmiya knows each and every issue. So… It is my duty to request his co-operation and use his experience in the interest of the Board as well as Indian cricket,” he added.


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