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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

'Thank goodness!'?

Had anyone other than West Bengal CM Buddhadev Bhattacharya reacted in those words to the news that Jagmohan Dalmiya (aka Mahindra, as one reporter put it somewhere) been defeated, there would have been some suggestion of regional bias. Given who made the remark, I begin to wonder: just what did the CM know that made him react in that telling, pointed fashion?
From the Outlook piece linked to here, two pertinent paras:
But obviously, it would be unfair to pass any judgement on Saurav Ganguly's cricketing career as of now, and reduce it merely to a faction fight in the BCCI. It would only be for the better for cricket if the board and the selection committee live up to their avowed intention of being transparent. So far Niranjan Shah, the newly-elected BCCI Secretary, has made all the right noises: "It is not because we have come to the power Ganguly has to go. It is up to the new Selection Committee to select the national side keeping in mind the best interest of Indian cricket."
On his part, Dalmiya, considered to be Ganguly's mentor, was forthright: "It is too uncharitable to say that Ganguly came to the team because of anybody's recommendations. He came on his own ability and performance. He did not need a godfather. Saurav still has three to four years of cricket left in him." Asked if he would stand by Saurav again if he faced injustice, Dalmiya said, "Not only Ganguly, I have always stood by players in my humble way."


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