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Monday, November 28, 2005

What is a breach?

A rather curious story I stumbled on in the Hindu, just now (bit old, but then I haven't done much browsing this weekend): Bajji, we are told, was fined 25 per cent of his match fee for pointing Ashwell Prince the short route to the pavilion.
What intrigued me, though, was this bit about Andre Nel:
Significantly, the ICC match referee made it clear that no player from the South African team was reported for any indiscipline or abuse. The question arose since pace bowler Andre Nel was seen telling something to some of the Indian batsmen. "I cannot comment on what transpired on the field," said Crowe.
Then, did Andre Nel get away with his gestures? "No," asserts Sivaram. The issue was referred to the field umpires who, in turn, cautioned the South African pace bowler. Nel apologised for staring into Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni and muttering words, which were not audible to the third umpire who does not have access to television's audio facility.

Um. Let's see -- if one player points towards the pavilion, that is a breach. If another marches up and, standing so close to the batsman he is in danger of putting the latter's nose out of joint, yells loud and long, that is not a breach because the third umpire did not hear what was said.
Does this then mean that the Indians need to cut out the mime show? And, next time, run up to the batsman and go, 'Right, mate, walk straight ahead 85 yards, climb the flight of stairs you come to, then make a left and there you go, that is the South African dressing room!', or words to that effect? Which of course wouldn't be a breach, because no one can hear what you said? Like I said, just wondering is all.


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