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Monday, November 21, 2005

Who is the BCCI chief?

Some time back, Cricinfo in an article had highlighted the fact that India is the only full member of the ICC without a website of its own (and to think we are supposedly the most tech-savvy nation going!).
Now, there's this:
Here's some more embarrassment for the Indian cricket board: it is the only Test-playing nation whose board president's name is missing from the largest circulated publication of the International Cricket Council (ICC) - again...
Mahendra acquires the dubious distinction of becoming the first BCCI president whose name does not figure on the page on which the details of the board, like the address, telephone numbers and the names of the Indian team's support staff are given.

Sometime back, talk show host Bill Maher had done a stand up routine titled 'I'm Swiss'. His premise was, whenever someone criticises something about the US, people tend to call them unpatriotic, and suggest that such critics hate America.
'I don't hate America, I am embarassed by it and I think it can do better,' Maher said, suggesting jocularly that these days, when someone asks him what his origins are he says 'I'm Swiss!' The way the BCCI is going, won't be long before a lot of us become Swiss too!


  • Well, there is a simple reason for this insanity. We are so rich that we don't give a hoot about no stinkin' website. People know us and that's just 'bout good 'nuf fo uz peeps. Take your website and shove it!

    By Blogger Buster, at 15:08  

  • But Prem, even if there are elections to be conducted, wouldnt Mahendra be the president till the election results come out? Or did the BCCI officially say that no one occupied that slot during this period?

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:10  

  • What a disgrace of an administration the BCCI is!!!

    Its high time that the people in Gov with the power dismantle this fake entity and put in its place an organisation that is run like a business with public as its share holders and not a club for a few rich and powerful men to run the game as they wish.

    By Blogger rahul_fan, at 15:11  

  • Come on Prem... give us something new... this kind of link is boring.

    How about your views on the Afridi punishment? Shouldn't the punishment apply immidiately rather than after the match is complete? Can the curator now patch-up the damage OR the play will go on the damaged pitch?

    By Blogger santa_from_NJ, at 15:17  

  • Toney

    i meant learn to react like him .
    [But appearances are very deceptive] . i know how deceptive Rahul is. i have seen him live in challenger series of Feb 2005 when Dravid captain India A and won the title. [ a great series which due to BCCI laziness wasn’t shown on TV , infact the series didn’t have third umpire . only news channels have some footage] he doesn’t react to provocation himself when batting but who said he doesn’t try to unsettle players of opposition himself or in a plan with his team mates , infact he is very good at it. the treatment he gave Ganguly and Sehwag the captain of India senior and India b when they batted and the reaction when Ganguly got run out was thrilling and breath taking . and the way he supported Murli Kartik against umpire decision was inspiring. Dravid always supports his bowlers and fielders but when batting he tells his team mates not to fall in same trap that Indian wants other to fall into. When Dheeraj Jadhav his opener well on his way to make a hundred in the final fell into the trap of fans ragging Ganguly the bowler , Dheeraj trying to show how easy it was to play Ganguly got stumped. Dravid was disappointed and he moved his gloves asking Dheeraj what did he do.

    By Blogger team, at 15:42  

  • Hang on. Shouldn't that be an embarrassment for the ICC, whose officials committed such a major screw-up, as to ignore the man who holds the most powerful position in cricket? How is it an embarrassment for Mahendra? Tomorrow, if I were to compile a list of world presidents and somehow omit Bush's name from the list, is it really an embarrassment for him?

    By Blogger Sudo Nima, at 17:37  

  • Didnt know you are a Bill Maher fan. Do you watch the Colbert show and John Stewart's daily show?
    As an aside, how about a post on American TV. What you like watching, what sucks, observations if any.

    By Blogger Rishi Gajria, at 19:30  

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