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Monday, November 28, 2005

Win toss, win game?

In R Mohan's latest, an interesting little statistic that seems pertinent to the ongoing debate about whether the supersub rule is weighted in favor of the team winning the toss:
Dravid’s luck with the toss in Mumbai injected some faith back since the latest trend in ODIs show there is a distinct bias in favour of teams winning the toss after the new rules of super subs came into force.
The New Zealander Bracewell pointed this out recently to send reporters scurrying for the record book. The statistics are fascinating. Of 38 games played since the birth of the super sub in July, teams winning the toss have won the match as many as 25 times. In the comparable 38 ODIs immediately before the super sub era, teams winning the toss won only 18 matches.


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