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Thursday, December 15, 2005

And still more on selectors

Makarand Waingankar in his latest column raises a point that might, in these turbulent times, be worth some thought; it is certainly worth quoting at length:
First, the selection process. A selector is not chosen by the BCCI. He is chosen by the associations in the zone. A person who is in the inner coterie of the group in his association has a better chance of becoming a selector. Here again the vote becomes crucial. An association, which can switch its allegiance to another power-group, has more bargaining clout.
The contention of both Sharma and Roy is that they have been replaced along with Gopal Sharma of UP because they included Sourav Ganguly in the Test squad. This is a blatant lie. Yashpal Sharma represents Delhi and his association was with the Dalmiya group. Similarly Gopal Sharma's UP too was with Dalmiya. So they were replaced by the associations belonging to the Pawar group. Bhupinder Singh of Punjab and Sanjay Jagdale of MP who have supported Pawar replaced Yashpal Sharma and Gopal Sharma.
The case of Pranab Roy is interesting. Most of the associations in the East Zone were with Dalmiya, but Orissa asked for Ranjib Biswal, President of their association, to be made a national selector. Had that not been accepted, Orissa would have switched over to the Pawar group. So Bengal's Pranab Roy was replaced by Orissa's Ranjib Biswal. The move was accepted by the Cricket Association of Bengal, with the larger motive of keeping Orissa with the Dalmiya group. Didn't Yashpal Sharma lobby to replace Kirti Azad on the national selection committee when Azad had two years of the term left? Now Yashpal Sharma and Pranab Roy are both trying to get their positions back by appealing for public sympathy. True, they have both been supporters of Sourav Ganguly. But it is equally true that their respective sackings have had nothing to do with their support of Ganguly and everything to do with their being on the losing side in the BCCI elections.
In fact, Roy was sacrificed to avert this very loss, and now three weeks later, he has started claiming that he was a personal target. He was not, merely an incidental one. And what would he have been claiming if the Dalmiya group were in power now? That they removed him for supporting Sourav Ganguly?
And if Yashpal Sharma felt that the leak that occurred in the media after Ganguly's inclusion was unfair to him, he ought to have registered a protest with the BCCI. Why talk now? It's simple politics. Had Kiran More's Baroda Cricket Association gone with Dalmiya, More too would have been replaced. Wasn't Dalmiya supporter Brijesh Patel replaced by Shivlal Yadav as the Director of the NCA?

Waingankar then goes on to talk of issues related and not -- the selection of the U-19 team; the functioning of the cricket coaching pyramid, and such. Make the time to read it.


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