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Friday, December 16, 2005

Arjuna on Sourav

The former Sri Lankan captain has been quite vocal on the subject of Sourav; here is one more in that vein. What raises eyebrows is the opener:
would not like to be in Rahul Dravid's shoes if I am the captain. In this entire Saurav Ganguly episode, his silence borders on complicity. He has every reason to seek the team he wants, but he also owes it to his men to be seen standing right next to them.
At best he would miss out on the trust and loyalty of his mates which allows a captain to ask for the impossible, at worst he would be very unpopular in the dressing room.

I donno; it is nice of Arjuna to care for a fellow pro; nice, too, that he has applauded Sourav's Kotla performance with considerable vim:
Ganguly was very impressive at Kotla. His two 40s were well crafted and critical to the eventual scores. His dismissal in the first innings triggered the collapse which only accentuates his contribution on the first day. A few of his cover drives, trust me, were the best I saw in the entire match.
He was seen giving his 100 per cent, he wanted his place back badly. Such hunger is to be welcomed, not scorned. It has not reflected well of the system, not of the selectors or team management.

But 'complicity' -- in what? Dravid, as captain, was likely asked his views on the team he wanted; as likely, he gave them. The selectors then went and made their own call. Isn't that how it is?
Back in Sri Lanka, the government (talk of coincidences) has ordered an official inquiry into the sacking of Sanath Jayasuriya for the India Test series; I could have missed a banner headline or three on the subject, but to the best of my memory, I don't recall Marvan Atapattu waxing particularly eloquent on the subject. 'Complicity'?


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