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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Best foot forward

Scott Styris is apparently re-inventing the wheel, where footwork is concerned.
The remedy was suggested by Middlesex professional Ed Smith and coach John Emburey, who both urged Styris to forget about his footwork and to concentrate on developing a more balanced position at the point of impact.
"I've really subscribed to the no-footwork theory," he said. "I know that sounds strange but it's not as bad as a lot of purists would imagine. It just means that I'm trying to get myself into a position where I'm hitting from a stable base.
"I feel that most of the best players around the world have limited footwork but are very strongly balanced when they strike the ball; it's quite a noticeable trend."
With that in mind, Styris opted to take a leaf out of their book and reduce, rather than exaggerate his foot movement, in order to give himself a more effective strike base.
The moved proved a success from the start, not only opening up the offside for Styris but also adding extra shot options around the wicket, something he attributes directly to the ploy of making balance a bigger priority than foot movement.

Ahem! Someone needs to send Styris the bible of the no-footwork theory -- in other words, a video of Virender Sehwag batting. That is precisely the Indian vice-captain's formula: stay still, limit movement to the minimum, focus on balance and hitting off a strong, grounded base.


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