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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The contract question

Friday, the BCCI management is due to finalize and hand over player contracts. A Mumbai Mirror story ahead of the event suggests that while the players are on the whole happy, they have asked for more money for Test matches.
“The couple of things they asked us to change was the fee structure for test matches, which was similar to that in the one-day internationals. They said that it cannot be the same, the fees should be greater in the test matches.
“The other thing they wanted to alter was the win bonus structure. They feel that the surplus money earned should be divided amongst the playing XI.”

A bit funny, that -- though you would agree that the playing eleven deserves credit for the win, if the intent is to build an all-round side where the bench is as important as the playing eleven (and where a key player could find himself benched not for form or fitness, but purely for strategic reasons), leaving the non-playing members out when it comes to sharing the spoils sounds like a move calculated to trigger some heartburn.


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