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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cricket Australia's finances

On my way out the door, I remembered something I had been meaning to post on here. In this earlier post, while discussing the issue of transparency within the BCCI, I'd touched on CA's annual reports, and quoted a sum of $20.2 million Australia as CA's revenue for the 2004-'05 period.
My bad -- as Steve Bernard, former New South Wales fast bowler and manager of the Australian cricket team since 1997 (his first assignment, if I remember right, was the 1997-'98 Aus tour to India) points out, I picked the figures out of the wrong column.
Here for the record are the actual figures for revenues:
Cricket Australia's revenue for 2004-'05 totalled $72.0 million. The primary source of income was the sale of media rights to domestic and foreign media outlets ($36.2 million), with sponsorship the second highest revenue stream ($19.2 million), followed by Cricket Australia's share of total gate receipts ($5.8 million). Cricket Australia's return from investments was also strong ($3.7 million) and above budgeted expectations, due to higher than anticipated returns.

Thanks, Darshak, Steve, for calling the wide. Cheerio, all you guys, see you in here later.


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