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Friday, December 16, 2005

Curious, this

A day earlier, Sunny Gavaskar was telling Sourav Ganguly what, perhaps, many of us wished we could: forget the tamasha, go do what you know best, pile up the runs and let them talk for you.
In that context, this has to be one of the less welcome stories of a week that has seen more than a fair share of such.
Ganguly’s immediate plans include a five-day break, which means missing Bengal’s Ranji tie against Karnataka from Saturday. His longer-term goal is to set himself up for consideration for India’s all-important tour of Pakistan starting next month.

I don't get it. The Ranji game is 17-20; the selection meeting for Pakistan is December 23 -- how does the 'long term' goal of setting himself for consideration for the Pak tour get accomplished by missing the best chance he has to flood the selection committee with a pile of runs?
But then you read deeper into the story, and you come across this bit at the very end:
The odds are stacked against him, however, a fact underlined by former national selector Pranab Roy who told Indian Express on Thursday that he stood “no chance of a comeback” given the lack of adequate time before the team for the Pakistan tour is named.

Lack of adequate time? There is that Ranji game that just got blown away...
“For Sourav, playing this Ranji Trophy match is no big deal, it would have been wonderful practice for him,” said the source. “But we don’t want to risk him faltering, since that would further endanger his comeback.”

Oh wait, does that mean what it seems to mean -- that the 'we' sourced here believe that there is the real risk of Sourav, aspirant for a spot on the team to take on Shoaib Akthar, Mohammad Sami, Danish Kaneria and such, possibly failing against a Karnataka team shorn of its two big stars?
Talk of sending wrong signals; this story started with the premise that Sourav intended to fight for his place in the side -- and tails off with the premise that he is ready to pass up an opportunity to run the selectors' noses in it by going out there and saying it with the bat.


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