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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dalmiya quits Asian posts

Jagmohan Dalmiya has resigned with immediate effect from his role as president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and the Afro-Asian Cricket Corporation (AACC).
'In the wake of the recent changes in the BCCI, I feel that it is only appropriate that I tender my resignation with immediate effect from both the positions. 'Nonetheless, I can assure you of my full support and cooperation as and when required on any matter concerning Indian or International cricket."

Superficially, there is no reason for him to have done so -- the ACC and AACC are international bodies, the elections to the BCCI need have no impact on them. More so, given that in any case Dalmiya did not contest elections and lose -- for the record, it was Ranbir Singh Mahindra and his team that was ousted.
Practically, though, Dalmiya's position in those two bodies, and the influence he brought to bear, stemmed from his over-arching influence over the BCCI -- which makes the twin resignations easier to understand and, inter alia, reinforces the impression that the BCCI leadership of record were just figureheads.


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