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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

David with his slingshot

In the Mumbai Mirror, Deepak Narayan on the fast bowler with the slingshot action, Lasith Malinga.
Malinga’s smooth run up, about 25 yards, cracks into a nasty splutter as he reaches the crease. The bowling arm, which normally comes around the side and beside the ears, reaches straight back, then explodes forward, as side-arm as you can get without being under-arm.
It’s a miracle as many balls land on the 22-yard strip as they do. If he bowls on water, the ball would skip across the surface.
Remarkably, from such a low point of delivery, he gets steepling bounce.
When he pitches them up, they skid disconcertingly. And with the sideways position he gets on the seam, reverse swing is almost inevitable. Once he learns how to use his weapons well — when he stops banging six short balls in an over — he will become a far more dangerous bowler than he already is.


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