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Sight Screen

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DDCA's doings

From the Mumbai Mirror, this story of politics as it is played in the DDCA; read it and, as they say, weep:
There was a constant problem with the sight screen during the second test against Sri Lanka. Such troubles are a part of everyday cricket, but on this occasion it was very peculiar. The gigantic white background, vital for players to spot the red ball in a crowded stadium, could not be moved as per the batsman’s wishes because one of the rival factions in the cricket federation had punctured the screen’s tyres!
And that’s not all. The game had started late on the first day because of dew, and it was highly embarrassing for the DDCA’s ruling body that the super-sopper wasn’t working. When an engineer finally came with another of those huge machines, he discovered it had been a sabotage. The screws of the sopper had been removed by someone, again presumably from the enemy camp.

And this:
Cricket in the city is run by two big groups. The DDCA’s elected officials, who win not on an open election but on proxy votes – people writing in their support. It has already been found that most of the proxies are fraud, and a number of people till said to be casting their ballot are already dead. But, because of vested interests, nothing has been done to get more transparency in the system. The matter is now in court.


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