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Monday, December 19, 2005

Dhoni and TVS

The wicketkeeper-batsman has been signed on as TVS' latest brand ambassador, says this story.
The 'Gilchrist of India' hype made me think -- again -- of this piece my friend Krishna Prasad wrote not so long ago. On the hoopla that increasingly defines Indian cricket, KP had this to say:
# Simply because the newspapers and magazines, who have to sell more newspapers and magazines, tell us through the mouths of our ex-players -- who will say anything for a few thousand rupees -- that we have best batting line-up in the world, it doesn't make our batting line-up the best batting line-up in the world, no matter how many times they say it.
# Simply because Sony Entertainment Television (SET) shows the Indian captain single-handedly leading India to victory with a last-ball six before every big tournament (Aamir Khan in 'Lagaan', dummy), it doesn't mean rival teams are going to roll over and make it easy for Sourav Ganguly.
# Simply because our corporate giants, who have perfected the art of stabbing the nation by not paying their taxes, suddenly develop a conscience about the country and exhort the team with corny crap like 'Come on India dikha do' or 'Jeeta do', it is not going to make India win.
# Simply because our players ride motorcycles which are titled victor and pride and passion and ambition, it does not mean they will be automatically imbued with those qualities.
# Simply because we sent goodluck messages on the web sites of television channels or signed a giant bat or ball, it is not going to greatly improve the team's performance.
Victory requires all this, certainly, but the only victory this will achieve is on the balance sheet of the corporates and the BCCI -- not of the Indian team. The only team which has won so far is the one that comprises our TV channels who pumped in millions of dollars, the companies which spent crores in advertising their products, the media, and the players who signed up endorsements.

PS: Gym time, in a few; see you guys back on here later in my day


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