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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Do unto others

Bob Woolmer's column at the end of the England-Pakistan tour throws up an interesting point (actually, many of them, but will focus on one here):
n one sense we were fortunate that we had three months to prepare physically and tactically and to work on our skills. We also had the benefit of watching the Ashes series in minute detail. The tactics that England deployed were excellent, but our observation of them helped our preparation. They paid attention to where the Australians hit the ball, they set up fields for each batsman and they bowled to a strict plan. We watched carefully and had to formulate our plans to combat them.

India is in a position to do unto others -- while engaging in a relatively low-intensity contest against Sri Lanka, the team has an opportunity to study in minutae the performance of its upcoming opponents against England, and to devise plans accordingly.


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