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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dravid on team ownership

Ashish Magotra, whose interview with Chappell is linked to elsewhere in this day's blog, also has an interview up with skipper Rahul Dravid. On ownership:
I don’t think it is ever an individual’s team. People say it’s the captain’s team but I think the team belongs to everyone, and they have to take ownership of it. Even when I was just a team member, I felt the team belonged to me. Only when every player starts doing that will we rise above the individual. People have to start believing in the cause as a unit — only then does the cause become a plausible reality. Teams may get identified by individuals but as long as the individuals are within the group, it’s fine. Also, a team cannot just have one leader. It always has many leaders ready to step up when the situation demands. This is not MY team, it is OUR team.

On a voice in selection meetings:
When the selectors choose a team, we do have a say. Having a vote or not doesn’t really matter as long as we are understood by the panel. We don’t want a vote, but we do want a little respect and, at present, our opinions are respected. And, I think the selection committee meetings should not be about votes. It should be a frank discussion and there is always a little give and take but it shouldn’t come in the way of getting the best team. At least for me, not having a vote doesn’t matter but if our opinions were not taken seriously then it would.

On what he wants from the team:
I think everyone needs to learn how to raise their performance when it is really needed. I have always set goals but they aren’t for everyone to know. What I’d like is that this should remain the happy unit that it is and that they put winning and losing in the correct perspective. Winning and losing should not define your life.


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