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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Elections and after

An editorial in the Sportstar looks -- with very obvious positivism -- at the recent board elections.
No one can be more aware than Pawar himself about the responsibilities that are on him. For all its popularity, cricket in India is at the crossroads, crying for reform on several fronts. Foremost is the task to rewrite, or at least rephrase, some of crucial clauses relating to the board elections. Simply put, the administrative apparatus should be more transparent and professional. The long time demand of having a paid CEO needs to be addressed immediately.
Pawar is supported by a committed and motivated team that is keen to clean the cobwebs. The secretaries, Niranjan Shah and M. P. Pandove, and the treasurer, N. Srinivasan, have a good grasp of BCCI matters because they have enjoyed high positions in their state units. What requires to be put in place without delay is the harmonious functioning of the various committees.
Dismantling the old panels and creating new ones is not an easy process; it calls for tact and impeccable timing. At no point should the moves made be construed as being designed to victimise a group or an individual. In this context, the statement of Pawar that everyone who had contributed to the welfare of BCCI would be involved is welcome. He had particularly referred to working closely with Dalmiya.


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