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Friday, December 23, 2005

Enough already!

Check out this link. And remember, it is early days yet -- by the time the team is selected, this list of 'Ganguly on selectors' minds', 'Selectors on Ganguly's mind', 'No one minds, never mind' type headlines will stretch into several more pages.
So what is it -- the selectors sitting shiva, brooding about one player when they should be thinking of a team? Or a sudden epidemic of laziness on the part of writers, headline writers and editors? 'Do we have a Ganguly story up on our site yet? How do you expect to keep ahead of the competition if you don't?', you can almost hear an editor-type asking the poor correspondent, who by now has run out of ways to spin the same story.
I mean, think about this -- will cracking the Ganguly question do the job, as far as the selectors are concerned?
1. We are not too sure about the opening partnership (even vice captain Viru Sehwag isn't, by his own admission).
2. At least some of us are worrying about the top order's seeming inability to at least match the lower order in run-making.
3. We are not quite sure how many pace bowlers we want going into the Pakistan tour, and who they should be.
4. We've been looking for the next spinning hope for ages now, and there's nary one in sight.
5. Do we want to go to Pakistan with one wicket-keeper, or two? If one, has Dhoni done enough to justify his pick ahead of Dinesh Kaarthick, say?
6. There's this guy on the bench, Mohammad Kaif -- does he belong there? If yes, what yardstick is that assessment based on?
I could think of a few more questions to list -- questions that, IMHO, should be occupying a part at least of the selectors' minds. And that of newspaper reporters and editors too, come to think of it.
Oh wait, there is yet one more Ganguly story to write: 'Asked whether the former captain would make it back to the side, the chairman of selectors responded with a definite Maybe!'
There. Now you know.
Note to self: Never write when you are sleepy. Or tired. Or irritated. Or all of the above. :-)


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