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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Evening things out

Apparently a lot of complex math went into the recent rescheduling of venues for the upcoming England series.
According to the source, a list of all venues and matches allotted in the past six years showed that there has been a disproportionate distribution with some venues getting four matches while some getting only two matches.
“It was decided that venues which got only two matches will get a match each and round off the average tally of every venue to three.
“After that it will be strictly on rotation basis,” the source said, adding that most members agreed to it after vociferous protests initially.
Thus Cuttack and Vishakhapatnam lost out while Jamshedpur and Delhi gained. Interestingly, both losers belong to the incumbent Sharad Pawar’s camp in the elections and both beneficiaries owed allegiance to Jagmohan Dalmiya.


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