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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Ganguly story -- continued

In the Statesman, this eyewitness account of the return of Sourav to his home:
As his convoy, which included a pilot car and a security car, reached his residence, the few enthusiasts who had turned up started shouting slogans in favour of him. He was accompanied by his wife, Mrs Dona Ganguly, and daughter, Sana.
Sporting a red T-shirt and jeans, a visibly dejected Ganguly could only say: “Ami kichu bolbo na (I will not say anything).”

In DNA, Ayaz Memon argues that the manner of Ganguly's axing was gross:
Purely from a cricketing point of view, therefore, Ganguly’s dropping can be argued with some logic. But the manner of his dropping has been gross. For instance, Jaffer should have been brought in as cover for Sehwag for the Delhi Test itself if the team management was looking ahead to the series against Pakistan and England. Also, there was no evidence during the Delhi Test that Ganguly was intimated about his position.
Suppose he was told, “Look mate, time’s running, give us something worthwhile to retain you,’’ his approach could well have been different. Instead, all kinds of pleasant noises were made of Ganguly’s presence in the team, giving him to understand that he had only to prove he was in reasonable touch to retain his place. That makes it unfair.


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