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Monday, December 26, 2005

Going to Pak

Srivaths sends this mail:
I am thinking of going to Pakistan for the cricket. Haven't decided whether to go for the tests/ODIs actually. From the article you linked to, it looks like I won't be able to get a longer duration visa(8 days for a test, 3 for an ODI! what is that!). A problem is that I dont have company, so do you know if there will be any tour groups going like they do in england/australia. Also would you have any idea when the visa process will be done if I want to go for the first test starting 13th? I will be busy during the first week of Jan, so I am wondering if the visa interview will happen later if I choose to go for a later test/odi. I know I am asking you crass logistical questions, but in light of the complete absence of info from anywhere, I don't know where to turn to.

Thing being, I don't have much info either -- anyone out there who can help with info, please mail, will post on here for everyone's benefit.
In passing, check out the BCCI website! Sharad Pawar probably doesn't read blogs and such, but there are others out there in the administration who do. So, for your kind attention, this: Firstly, the address on there is that of SK Nair -- who is no longer secretary of the BCCI. So this pathetic apology for an official website not only doesn't provide much information -- what it does provide is wrong.
At a larger level, this needs to be one of the administration's priority items. An official website is the best place to disseminate such important information as tour schedules, visa procedures and such -- but to do that, we need a decently designed, professionally managed website in the first place. IS Bindra mentioned that some such effort was underway -- hopefully, we will see results soon (and by soon, I mean before the next elections in September of 2006, at the least).


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