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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Harsha Bhogle on the winds of change

In his latest column, Harsha deplores the itinerary drawn up for the Indian team. His take on Jagmohan Dalmiya:
Jagmohan Dalmiya no longer runs Indian cricket. He has some fine qualities and even if grace isn’t one of them he was unquestionably Indian. He was not afraid of antagonising people, sometimes he might have invited it, but he fought some good wars for Indian cricket. But like most chiefs, he preferred supreme power and consequently in his regime, the inability to have an opinion or being amenable to pressure, became a qualification for high office. Most giants like the company of dwarfs.

Of the itinerary:
For a start they can look at the deplorable itinerary that India’s cricketers have been provided. Between the last of seven one-dayers against Sri Lanka and the first of five against South Africa they had no more than three days — only one if you take away the travel. That is also the number of days they have between the end of the one-dayers and the start of the first Test against Sri Lanka.
Worse lies in store. India reach Pakistan on January 2, play a two-day (yes two-day!) warm up match the next day and head straight into the first Test. That is not much help if you want to win a series. It is though, if you want to milk them for the Asia Cup that follows immediately thereafter.

There are, in fact, many more points worth mentioning -- but that would be to quote almost in full, here, an article that merits your time. And attention.


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