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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

He's back

I was just beginning to get used to Amit Varma's cricket blog, and making it a regular stop on the surfing route, when it went off the map for no visible reason; the good news is, it's back. And the better news is, Amit appears to be rethinking the approach:
So what has changed? Well, since it spluttered to a halt, I've been blogging regularly on India Uncut and The Indian Economy Blog, and my conception of blogging has changed a bit. 23 Yards 2004 was less a blog and more a collection of dated near-weekly essays. It had links and updates, but didn't use many of the other fine advantages the format of blogging brings you. As I'd written here, blogging enables one to do many things that one can't do in other forms of journalism. I hope to do some more of those things here.
So expect pithy and more frequent posts here in the weeks to come. Comments will be enabled, and moderated, for select posts. Thanks for dropping by.


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