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Friday, December 30, 2005

If wishes were horses...

...India would win the 2007 World Cup, drub the Aussies at home, top the ICC Test rankings and in their spare time, play some cricket. Here's a first batch of early mails of your wishes for the year:
Mehul Shah:
Introduction of rules / regulation that neutralize the result of spinning of a coin. Cricket is the only game where outcome of a match 'may' depend so much of on the toss. Regulation like super-sub only tend to favor the team winning the toss more!
Ball beating the bat. ODIs played on seaming/spinning tracks and more freedom to bowling side such that 250 is a par score and bowlers are not reduced to replacing ball machines. Daily doss of 300+ is only killing (at least my interest in) ODIs. (Though last 2 series in India v/s SL and SA were pleasant deviations from the norm)

I have just one cricket related wish for 2006: I hope Allah drops in a reasonably sized TV at my college cafeteria with all satelite and cable sports channels on it , and a bigger break could also help. Thanks for the great blog, Sight Screen is on my daily-must-read list now. And happy new year, in advance.

Soumya Bannerjee:
1. That Dada finally, finally, finally finds his form on the Pakistan tour. And if he doesn't, finally calls it quits. Enough of this tamasha already.
2. That the Board finally becomes a professional body with a proper constitution, with proper financial accounting and a decent website.
3. That Rahul Mehra's PIL finally hits its target.
4. That comments for Prem's blog are turned back on.

I wish that you'd stop responding to these imbeciles on your chats, who do nothing but insult you, mock your cricketing acumen and waste everyone's time! Seriously, high time you ceased to reply to the coments of these idiots!

Net lot, as and when you guys send them in.


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