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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Indian cricket's Hritik Roshan

S Dinakar, in the Hindu, on Yuvraj Singh and his game philosophy:
"Live like a king and play like a champion," he says with typical nonchalance when asked about his motto in life.

Yuvi is famous for that mindset; the good bit is, lately, he has been delivering hit films, okay, innings, to go with his box office standing.
Small changes in approach can make a big difference in a player's returns in international cricket. Yuvraj said, "I have been looking to hit the ball straight, rather than strike it square. This has really helped me."
He has also brought about a crucial technical change. "I have gone back to the stance with which I used to bat in my under-19 days. My feet were wide, but I have brought them closer together now."

In this connection, a few days ago I recall reading someplace, in a report on the team's net session, of Chappell taking Yuvraj aside and having him bat while the coach chucked the ball at him; the focus, the reporter said, was on ensuring that Yuvi came flowing out onto the front foot, and kept his head still during the process.


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