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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jug Suraiya on Kolkatta

A leader in the Times of India, that looks at what the Ganguly imbroglio has done to Kolkatta, tapers off into this point:
The two unrelated Sens, Amartya and Sushmita, are associated, respectively, with Delhi and Harvard and Delhi and Bollywood rather than with Calcutta. Sourav is Calcutta's one and only great white hope. If that indeed is true, it would be not just a pity but a tragedy.
For it would mean that the city that I once knew and which embraced not just the world but, more importantly, those whom the world had made homeless would have shrunk its horizons beyond recognition. Or redemption. And where would that have left a waif like Brian St John Conway? Or, for that matter, like myself?


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