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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Kotla in ruins?

Readying the Ferozeshah Kotla ahead of the Sri Lanka game seems to be a Herculean labor, judging by this report.
Construction activities at the Ferozeshah Kotla ground, undergoing an extensive, and extended revamp, have become rather hectic lately as DDCA tries to ready the stadium partially for the five-day affair. However, as normally happens, the construction work has resulted in a lot of rubble getting accumulated around the stadium. And that has raised the hackles of Delhi Police (DP), which is seeing it as a security hazard.

Clearing the rubble is merely one part of the problem, apparently.
Delay, and more delay: Sadly, the matter would not have reared its head at all if the reconstruction had been completed in time. The Kotla revamp began way back in May 2003 and was expected to be completed by October 2004. However, DDCA's tardy approach and resultant problems meant work got delayed well beyond reasonable limits. Now with the Test on its head, the DDCA had no option but to go full throttle, which has created the present mess around the structure.
A lot of work remains in the stadium and while DDCA hopes to complete it by the time the Champions Trophy is held in the country in October 2006, it seems highly unlikely that it will so happen. And that brings into question the cost escalation — from the original estimate of Rs 30 crore, the cost of the renovation and expansion has risen to about Rs 70 crore for now, according to insiders. And it is expected to touch three figures by the time DDCA is through with it!


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