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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kumble on spin bowling

The latest issue of Sportstar contains an extended interview with Anil Kumble.
The magazine also has a Makarand Waingankar column that looks at the task ahead for Sharad Pawar. Makarand, who is well inside the inner circle of the administration, invariably comes up with interesting insights; this particular column is no exception. Quoting one portion at length:
There is one point that is common in all the criticism and that is the need to change the selection policy. One school of thought feels that the BCCI should have a three-member selection committee, and the other feels that in the current five-member selection committee there should be cricketers who have played at least 20 Tests. Further, some feel that the selectors should be paid a monthly salary.
The BCCI did appoint a nine-member committee in 1997 to discuss and suggest the formation of a three-member selection committee. The committee suggested that the BCCI should have a three-member selection committee but, though all the nine members were part of the BCCI's Working Committee, none of them asked for the change. This is cricket politics. Today the same members are asking for a change.
I am not convinced about the 20 Test matches criteria. A couple of years back, a selector who played more than 50 Tests and was the Chairman of the state's selection committee couldn't recognise a main player of his state team. He told the player to send a certain player to him to be reprimanded, and the player had to inform the selector that he himself was that player.
Some years back, the Chairman of the Selection Committee of another state rebuked a player for not taking wickets in the last few matches. The player had to inform him that he had not been selected for those matches.
In Mumbai, when the selection committee was entirely made up of top former Test players and one of them was a former India captain, a player was dropped because one of the selectors said the player was 38 years old and not 22. It was when the player, traumatized by the asinine and groundless reason for his career being halted, was taken to a psychiatrist, that they realised their mistake.

Pegging his piece on India's away record, Frank Tyson talks of what it takes to play away from home.
And finally, from that magazine, S Dinakar's review of the year gone by.


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