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Friday, December 02, 2005

Let the girl be dammit!

One of these days, I wish we would as a nation rise up and reject the fundamentalist idiots -- heck, burn them in effigy, if you must -- of all religious persuasions who give the rest of us a bad name.
Nothing against religion -- I have my own rituals, my own observances, my own religious mindspace; but these people who hide behind the name of religion to interfere in every aspect of life (romance on Valentine's Day? Shocking! Shiva Shiva! Kissing in movies? Un-Indian; against our culture, shakes the very bedrock of our civilization! Sania Mirza in a skirt? Sacrilege!!)
It's long been a sore point for me for a long time -- and this story in the Financial Times just reopened it. Doesn't it sicken you to see a young achiever having to shut herself off from the press and public because a few doddering old fools are prepared to seize on everything she is, does and says to make cheap headlines?
Will these same flagbearers of religion condemn as un-Islamic those inhuman persons (had to bite my tongue there -- would have been a touch much if I used the word I wanted to) who in the name of religion kill innocent men, women and children worldwide? No? Then maybe it is time the rest of us condemned them -- and relegated them to the irrelevance they deserve.
PS: Quiet day, so over now and out. See you again on here tomorrow in my day; meanwhile, if there is a game, enjoy :-)


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