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Friday, December 16, 2005

Men are from Mars, Sachin is from Virgo

At 3.45 on a bitterly cold New York morning, with more coffee than is good for me replacing the blood in my veins, I figure I could use a laugh. So, this:
The start of February 2006 indicates transit of Mercury over sixth house, which means mental tensions for Sachin in the month of February and March and could affect his performance during this period. He needs to be careful particularly in the month of February 2006. His performance will be not be as usual. There are indications of sluggish health along with mental tensions in this period.
The period from early March 2006 to end June 2006 indicates fair results for Sachin. He needs to take care of his health and avoid too much exertion and mental tensions. There is indication of indecisiveness in this period, which could hamper his performance, but if he will overcome the mental block covering his approach to batting, then he will come on top and give his usual brilliant performance. He needs to curb his attacking approach while playing in this period and try to build his innings and play the bowlers on their merit. This period also shows that he could be inconsistent with the bat. He could score a big knock in one match and fail in the other.
In mid June 2006 the Sun will start its transit over his 10th House, which is the house of fame. Sun is favorably placed in Sachin’s Chart and its transit is promising fame for him. This period indicates success over competitors. This has been reaffirmed by the Transit also as planets like Saturn, Sun, Mars are transiting over 11th house of his chart in this period.

Oh wait, here's the best part:
This period starting from mid June to ending around early October indicates increase in his popularity and respect among his peers and public alike. His fame and wealth will increase steadily in this period. In this period he will accumulate runs and create new benchmarks for himself and the future cricketers.

Slight problem -- the Indian team is not slated to play anyone during this period, per the schedule. So unless he turns out for Shardashram...


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