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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mohan on Yuvraj and Bajji

In his latest column, R Mohan makes a case for men from the Punjab rising to challenges:
Men from the Punjab have always fancied themselves in any sort of contest, the history of their trans-boundary territory having invested them with a steely character needed to tackle a life of strife against invaders. The two Singhs, Harbhajan and Yuvraj, revealed the resolve of their rugged ancestors to shine as battlers for India in the third Test.
Harbhajan bowled India into the sort of lead that can breed complacency, although it was the Lankans, fighting back with the ball, who were responsible for the Motera pitch to resemble a battlefield on which the egos of most batsmen were bruised, Yuvraj being the glittering exception in a brilliant counter-attacking innings worth far more than its numerical value.

Appropos, an amusing incident from Sehwag's early days in the team. On one occasion, he wandered over to where his captain and vice captain were engrossed in conversation, and launched into a diatribe, the gist of which was, 'These milksop players from the East and South can't win you matches; if you guys want India to win, fill the team with tough Jats and such from the North, who have the guts for a fight!'
As a bemused -- and amused -- Dravid pointed out, Viru seemed completely oblivious of the fact that his thesis was being relayed to a captain who was from the East Zone, and a vice captain from the South.


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