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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The money tree

I once asked a big-time Tamil movie director how come his first and, to an extent, second movie showed a raw passion, and a host of ideas, that were absent his latter efforts (said latter efforts, incidentally, were considerably more 'polished' than his first two films).
His response was: For years, you dream of directing a film, you flesh out your dreams with ideas, ways to do scenes, dialogues, all of that stuff and when you finally get a chance, you cram it all, or as much as you can, in there. After a while, though, you become 'seasoned' -- the craft improves, but the well of ideas begins to run dry and you have no more time to dream, since you are caught up in the minutae of movie-making.
That particular response came to mind when I saw this story -- on the BCCI's latest money-making move. Seems to me ever since the election, every other day has produced a new initiative in this regard -- a result, perhaps, of a bunch of people like Bindra, Modi, Sreenivasan et al, who were on the outside dreaming of the time they could gain control of the administration, and what they would do then.
Ashish Sinha for Financial Express, here, on the BCCI's plan to make money through archival footage.
The Board of control for Cricket in India (BCCI) management under Sharad Pawar made yet another move to maximise revenues. After unbundling of various rights and sponsorship deals for next four years, BCCI plans to raise an additional Rs 250-300 crore by outsourcing production of all matches and from the sale of archival footage to TV channels.
So far, the footage of all matches played in India had to be obtained from the public broadcaster, Doordarshan. The footage used by various news and sports channels from the India-Pakistan series held earlier this year generated a revenue of Rs 4.54 crore for DD. BCCI wants to fill its coffer from this revenue stream as well as it claims to be the primary rights holder of India cricket.


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