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Monday, December 19, 2005

More from Dalmiya

Sometimes, the heat of your own emotions leads you to make one mis-step after another. Vide Jagmohan Dalmiya, who in his desire (a) to use the Ganguly issue to keep the current BCCI under pressure and (b) to get Ganguly back into the side any way he can, keeps pushing; and with every push, reinforces the impression that he had, behind the scenes, played godfather to the player when he (or more accurately, his puppets) ruled the board. Here's the latest, on the theme.
An insider, however, pointed out that after Dalmiya’s failure to convince Pawar of the injustice meted out to Ganguly, the CAB president is now preparing the ground for launching his next move — to arrange a concerted effort towards seeking to ensure Ganguly isn’t left out for the Pakistan tour.
“Conducting a meeting of this magnitude could help the CAB bosses organise their otherwise scattered support for Sourav. Who knows, the meeting might see the CAB campaign hard for Sourav’s inclusion into the team for the Pakistan series,” the source told this paper.


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