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Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Ganguly

From Mid-Day, this comprehensive package of protests at Ganguly's axing.
Elsewhere, a meeting between Dalmiya and Sourav. A line could well have been edited out:
Apparently, Dalmiya also said that while the recent board elections had reduced his clout, Sourav shouldn’t feel he has been “orphaned”.

In these supercharged times, does Dalmiya need to say anything that can reinforce that section of public opinion that holds the BCCI's de facto, if not de jure, head responsible for using his influence on his protegee's behalf?
And here is one little conundrum for you:
Late at night, after a cabinet meeting, Pawar went a step further. He indicated he would meet chief selector Kiran More and his colleagues in the next “two-three days”.
That interaction will be limited to understanding what led to the former captain’s unanimous ouster.
Not wanting to be caught on the wrong foot, Pawar emphasised there would be “no interference” in matters of selection.

Elsewhere, as you have read elsewhere, everyone from politicians to film actors to plain vanilla cricket fans are petitioning Pawar to intervene in the Ganguly issue. Damned if he does -- because that translates into interference in selection matters, something he promised he would not do; damned if he doesn't -- because that non-interference provides one section of opinion confirmation that he is 'anti-Ganguly'.
And finally, just to show that no politician is free of the desire to earn brownie points when he sees a hot button issue and a microphone in the same postal zone, this story of the Ganguly issue raising dust in Parliament.


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