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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Motera round-up

From Cricinfo, Amit Varma's match report; S Rajesh's verdict and Dileep Premachandran's quickie q&a with Greg Chappell.
Elsewhere, the Hindustan Times match report; Harish Dugh in the Indian Express; and Harish Kotian's effort on Rediff.
One aspect of the play that I wish had received more than passing mention -- and some analysis, based on what the various correspondents saw/heard, was the use of a spin-seam opening combo in Pathan and Bajji, who were later switched for Agarkar-Kumble. Clearly, Sehwag has a mind of his own and is not a stickler for the Dummies Guide to Cricket Captaincy; would have been nice though to have more info on why he tried that ploy (outside of the obvious 'spinners have a better chance in the fourth innings).


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