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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The moving finger writes...

A rather amusing story referencing the ICC, here.
Dave Richardson, the ICC's general manager, said he was happy to acknowledge that errors were made. "There's no point shying away from that," he explained, "but having said that, we feel the overall standard of umpiring has improved in recent years, particularly with the advent of the elite panel."

Errors were made, yes -- but not only in the Aus-Windies series; there were enough gaffes during the Indian home season, and the biggest shocker of the year came in the Pakistan-England series, against Inzamam. The Windies protested; the other boards involved in those other series did not -- but maybe, given this, they should?
Elsewhere in the story, this:
The elite panel should number eight, but David Shepherd, who umpired his last Test in June, has yet to be replaced, adding to the burden on the others. In the last year, for example, Billy Bowden has stood in 12 Tests and 22 ODIs, a possible total of 82 days, discounting the time spent traveling and preparing. He has officiated in every major country except Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in that time. It is hardly surprising that the seven have begun to look jaded of late.


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