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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Murali factor

In the Indian first innings, Muthaiah Muralitharan bowled a total of 232 deliveries, and gave away an even 100 runs for his 7 wickets. Of his deliveries, only 49 were scored of: 14 fours, 29 singles, 9 twos. The Indians clearly played him with the greatest respect.
In the second innings, he has so far bowled 150 deliveries for 86 runs without a wicket. Those runs have come off 45 scoring shots (just four strokes less than India played against him in the first innings): 8 fours, two sixes, 28 singles, 7 twos.
Out of 58 balls faced (45 runs), Pathan besides 3 fours and two sixes also took 11 singles and 5 twos off the offie. Dravid took 23 off 35 faced -- including 9 singles and one two. The 12 runs Sourav has off the offie thus far includes 4 singles besides the two fours.
Clearly, in the second innings, the game plan has been to be more positive against Muralitharan -- and it's paid off.
On another note, an interesting stat about Sourav's incomplete innings -- outside of the 2 fours against Murali, he has taken all his runs in singles; 14 of them in a total of 22. Yuvraj by contrast has been looking more for the boundaries -- 5 in a total of 28, against 4 singles, two twos, and 45 dot balls. There's an interesting comparison there -- of the two not outs, Yuvraj has scored marginally faster (28 off 56 versus SG's 22 off 54) but Sourav has been the more busy player, thanks to his active effort to play the ball into the field for singles more often. (ALL STATS FROM CRICINFO).
And finally, check out the wagonwheels of Sachin Tendulkar in the first innings, and Irfan Pathan in the second, here. Can you tell, especially from the play in front of the wicket on either side, which is the finished senior professional, and which the young tyro on his first major assignment in the upper echelons?


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