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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Murali wants to play

Trevor Chesterfield, in the Indian Express, on Muthaiah Muralitharan:
Muralitharan shrugs aside that suggestion. The way he sees it, right now Warne deserves to be the leading wicket-taker in the game. ‘‘My motivation for playing is not just to overtake Shane’s record,’’ he said while making his comeback after the shoulder surgery lay-off. ‘‘That’s the way the media see it. My biggest motivation is to help Sri Lanka, and to win more Tests for my country.
‘‘But, yes, going after Shane’s record is also an inspiration as well,’’ he admits. ‘‘I know that if I play longer, hopefully, I will be able to take more wickets. Because of my age, I will possibly play for another four years. It gives me a great chance to beat his record.’’

PS: With no play for the second day in Chennai, meanwhile, it's a slow day. It is also a Saturday morning, the weather here in New York is brilliant just now -- crisp, cold, and bracing; so will head off to the gym, a leisurely lunch, some wandering around... and be back with you guys sometime later today.


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