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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No roof over their heads

The previous administration had this attitude, that cricket schedules could be decided at the very last moment. 'What is the hurry?' was a common refrain, heard whenever screw-ups in scheduling attracted public notice.
Thanks to Kanpur not having enough time to get control of the ground from the municipal authorities, and the consequent shift of venue to Motera, the teams apparently have no hotel accomodation at the venue.
After all, instead of leaving for Ahmedabad on Thursday (the day after the New Delhi Test ends), Rahul Dravid and Co. will be flying out on Friday.
The reason: Not enough rooms at Taj Residency Ummed, in Gujarat’s premier city, before December 16.
In fact, while the Lankans are slated to leave New Delhi on Thursday itself — thereby getting more time to acclimatise — they won’t be staying at the Taj, but at another hotel.
The BCCI has a contract with the Taj group, but the hotel industry major often finds it difficult to oblige such a whimsical customer.

There is one other problem, referred to in a post yesterday -- though the GCA authorities are putting a brave face on it, and saying everything will be in place to host the game, you can't help having reservations on the quality of the pitch curator Dhiraj Parsana will be able to produce at such short notice.


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