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Thursday, December 01, 2005

One moment in time

Not entirely clear what the provocation is, but Nirmal Shekhar in the Hindu pays homage to an innings that to this day I can recall stroke by stroke, moment by moment -- where I'd find it damned near impossible to recollect moments from the last 12 Indian ODIs, say, with that degree of exactitude.
There is one particular vignette that, for those who were lucky to be there, is unforgettable. Vishy was, as usual, getting a good percentage of his runs square on the off. So they set him a field of backward point and coverpoint, plus cover and mid off. Vishy split the difference between the two points. So they changed things around, and brought backward point to the more orthodox cover position -- through which he had scored his previous four. Vishy cut again -- this time, behind point. They then tried backward point reinforced by a point. Vishy cut -- through coverpoint. There is no way to describe, in words, the miniscule adjustments Vishy made, without seeming to -- there is only, then and now, that sense of astonishment at just what he was capable of.


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