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Monday, December 19, 2005

A question for you

Shabbir Ahmed being bowled has been headline news all day; here, the Independent makes the key linkage:
Pakistan's fast bowler Shabbir Ahmed, who claimed five wickets in Pakistan's win over England in the opening Test of the recent series, has been banned from bowling in international cricket for 12 months.

Brings up my question: The officials invariably say that calling a bowler for chucking, on the field of play, will 'harm his morale' (weird logic -- if someone is doing something illegal, do you worry about making him stop, or permit him to continue so his 'morale' is cossetted?).
The question is, if a bowler bowled illegally, and won a game for his team (and this is not just with reference to Shabbir -- it's a question that, IMHO, is central to the whole chucking issue), and subsequently it is determined that his action while taking all those wickets was illegal, how are you going to compensate the team at the losing end?
Isn't it far, far simpler, when an on field umpire sees illegality in a bowling action, to just call it like you would say a no-ball (which is equally an illegal delivery?), give the batting side the extra run, and move on?


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