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Thursday, December 22, 2005

'R' for rent-a-quote?

Raj Singh Dungarpur, who will likely be manager of the Indian team on its tour to Pakistan in January, needs a filter of sorts between mind and tongue. The Sourav Ganguly issue is tangled enough, without all sorts of folks shooting off at the mouth -- RSD, IMHO, merely adds to the confusion with his latest on the subject.
When he suggests Ganguly could have problems against the short stuff, or that the ex-captain's best course is to prep himself in domestic cricket and be ready for England at home, that is fair comment.
This segment is where he goes overboard:
But some members of parliament who had raised the issue of dropping Ganguly felt that former Indian captain has good chance of going to Pakistan particularly after his meeting with Sharad Pawar, the BCCI president.
"In that case God alone can help the Indian cricket," Dungarpur said.

Do we, in these troubled times, need such comment? Especially from the man who will manage the team and as such, have to share a dressing room with Ganguly, if the latter is picked?
PS: Since Ruchir has done his usual thorough job of the roundup, figure I'll get stuck in to my Thursday, and be back on here later in my day.


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