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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

R Mohan on Kumble

In the Asian Age, this take on the quiet achiever of Indian cricket.
It’s quite possible that Kumble has taken more wickets with straight balls in Test cricket than Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan combined. The romantics of the game may believe that the way to go the whole nine yards is to spin the ball out of its leather casing which, no doubt, is spectacular.
If Kumble can take 10 wickets in his 99th Test just ahead of becoming the first Asian spinner to play in 100 Tests, it is simply a statement of excellence in its own way. His deliveries may not often depart from their original course but they come in an arc that pins the batsman down, tests his defensive skills and harries him with sheer persistence.
What Kumble lacks in terms of variation, he makes up with his engineer’s mind, its practical calculation of the probabilities of all events connected with the red cherry of a projectile making him as much of a match-winning force as those with greater gifts in terms of imparting spin and revolutions to the ball.


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