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Friday, December 16, 2005

A request

Please, people, do not forward me any more copies of this mail that has been making the rounds of the internet lately:
Dear Sir,
Why dont we drop Sachin along with Ganguly if Performance is the only criteria.
Now check the stats between Sachin and Ganguly
2,2,2,39,19,11,2,67,93,9,123,6,2,4,47,19,16,74,18,78,82,11,18,37---Master Blaster, Worlds no 1 Batsman--Sachin--673 Runs
31,2,19,20,5,26,51,18,4,9,0,22,55,22,0,48,0,90,90,7,24,25,79,39,60-- the Southpaw and indian Selection Termed Under Performed Batsman---746 Runs
Surprise, surprise. The first one is the total of last 25 ODI innings of the Indian great Sachin. The second one is of Mr. Bong (according to a famous ex-Indian cricketer).
Lets go through some other figures.
The total of the first(sachin's last 18 test innings) - 869 and that of second(Ganguly's) - 774.
The stats include Sachin's 248 against "Giants" Bangladesh and Ganguly's 101 against novices Zimbabwe.If we take these two innings out then we have 621 and 673 respectively.The first one is Sachin's score,the second one of the worthless Bong.
If performance and not star system is going to be the key for inclusion in the Indian team, well then figures don't lie and they say it all.Note that,I am not saying Ganguly is a better player than Sachin but both are almost at the same level if their latest performances are to be considered.
So when some Ganguly haters start barking that Ganguly hasn't been performing of late,the facts say, so hasn't Sachin. Shouldn't be the parameters for selection to the Indian team be the same for all the players or when Sachin's turn comes past performances and huge experience are the criteria. Then we should start calling back Gavaskar,Shastri and the likes.
Of late whenever India needed Sachin to perform under pressure he almost always failed. The latest being the series against SA.
And proving himself in domestic cricket,when has Sachin last played in domestic cricket?
Ganguly has to score runs in domestic cricket to prove that he is in form after recovering from injury but Sachin is included in the team automatically after a long absence due to tennis elbow.
Again double standards and again no one asks questions. So all you true cricket lovers think twice before you say something because you can say anything but the figures will always tell the truth.
NOTE: We need to drop Agarkar and Include Zaheer Khan
It is a disgrace to have politics enter the Game of Cricket.
It is really atrocious not to select Zaher Khan after his repeated excellent performance in Domestic Cricket. I like to talk with DATA. Trust in God and rest in DATA.
Ajit Agarkar - 2 Matches - 2 Wickets - 57 Runs/Wicket
Zaheer Khan - 2 Matches - 9 Wickets - 20 Runs/Wicket
Don't the selectors think that Ajit Agarkar needs to be dropped as against non inclusion of Zaheer. We talk of performance but in reality this is not to be seen.

Just a while ago, I received copy number 28. No, honest -- I just reordered my mailbox by subject and did a count.
The problem with this mail is, some bright spark somewhere was so desperate to make his case, he fudged -- okay, not to mince words, distorted -- his figures.
And that is sad. Sourav Ganguly in his pomp has been a great batsman, one of the most eye-catching in contemporary cricket. It does him great disservice when his fans resort to twisting facts, and outright fudging, to make the case -- because in doing so, they signal that they themselves are not convinced enough to rely on the unvarnished facts.
Surely he deserves better than that? As to the Agarkar versus Zaheer question, good one -- refresh my memory, why did they drop Zaheer again? To make room for who? And yes, Zaheer's exclusion remains a mystery that the selectors need to address -- strange, though, that no politician thinks it worth his while to take up this case.


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