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Friday, December 23, 2005

Saying it with pies

The Telegraph report on the last day's play in the Motera Test against Sri Lanka had this fly-on-the-dressing-room-wall opener:
As Harbhajan Singh did the ceremonial cake-cutting on arrival at the team hotel in the company of Greg Chappell on Thursday morning, he splattered a chunk of the cream on the coach’s nose. The lingering smile on Chappell’s face only grew larger and he didn’t wait for long before putting it back on the off-spinner’s forehead.
There was more ‘agony’ for the Man of the Match. Yuvraj Singh, lurking nearby, pounced on the opportunity and rubbed off a sizeable portion of the cake on Harbhajan’s face. Realising that just wiping wouldn’t help, he rushed to wash it away.

Ummm... and I had bought totally into the accepted storyline, that Bajji can't stand the coach.


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